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  1. The absolute best implement I have ever found for pain without damage is.....a wiffle ball bat! One of the skinny $5 yellow ones they have made forever. Though it cannot be used effectively OTK, when over the bed or couch it is a super stinger, and has never left a mark on me or any butts I have used it on. It's truly a favorite for me!
  2. I got a bedtime spanking last night and tucked in. After he left I snuck onto my phone for a bit because there was no aftercare and I wanted to chat for a bit. I usually get very chatty after a spanking because of the endorphins. Aftercare for me is usually just having a discussion. But once the endorphins started dissipating, I put down my phone and slept like a baby. I woke up refreshed before my alarm went off. Bedtime spankings are fantastic...
  3. I should add that in the above post I was speaking about punishment, maintenance, and stress relief spankings. In a nutshell, for me, it's about the intent.
  4. I spank any gender and get spanked by any gender. To me a butt is a butt. The size difference between a partner and I is more important to me than what's between their legs. But I might be one of the strange ones because I am able to turn off my sexuality during the spanking, as the top or the bottom. Sexual feelings can come up before or after for me, but during I am focused on other things. I have never been aroused during the spanking portion, just before or after. If I am being spanked I am focus on my pain and headspace. And if I am the spanker, I am focused on their fanny, my delivery,
  5. I appreciate the sentiment. Like most people on here, I am happy if my negative experiences provide warnings to others so they can avoid similar mistakes. And yes, I have had many wonderful experiences as a spankee. Take care
  6. Hello, welcome to the site. I have personal experience with Baseballbutts1. He is in San Diego like me. I don't see any issues with following him or looking at his pics, but I highly suggest never meeting with him inperson. I consider him very dangerous to people like me who, once in a submissive or "boy" mindset, have a hard time breaking the scene or saying no. I feel the need to share my story so here it is: He was drinking when I arrived, and I should have immediately left, which is my fault. I was desperate back then and didn't have enough self respect. He wailed on me way past
  7. Andre the Giant would probably have me feeling pretty small and vulnerable. Too bad I missed the chance.
  8. "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!" - both parents more times than I can count. And of course..."you won't be able to sit for a week" (this one may have stuck)
  9. Cantsitforaweek


    I have very much enjoyed reading this thread. I am lucky enough to be married to a woman who worked as a Pro-Domme for many years. She spanks me when I need it and let's me get spanked by men as often as I need it. As a switch I spank other men and women as well, but would never dream of spanking my wife. I had never heard of subspace or sub-drop before meeting her, 10 years ago,, but after she explained them it made perfect sense in accounting for things I have gone through. I have almost always had anger issues 1 or 2 days after any endorphin or adrenaline rush, no matter the caus
  10. I am absolutely a switch, but never in the same scene, and rarely with the same person. My wife is not a switch. She is strictly a Dom.
  11. You are very skilled, and I appreciate you sharing your talent. If you don't mind my asking, how long does it take to make one your pieces of artwork?
  12. Hello, I just joined the site and wanted to introduce myself. I am a 37 year old male, and I live in San diego. My wonderful wife spanks me at home, and sometimes we spank others, male or female, together. I spank others on my own as well, though I very much enjoy sharing with my wife. For me, spankings are mostly for stress relief, and can occasionally be for punishment. For me the same is true in either role. I travel frequently, and I am currently in Virginia. Sometimes I am lucky enough to bring my wife, and other times, such as this one, I am on my own. I always
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