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  1. I’ve been searching for someone who can discipline me regularly in Charlotte. Anyone in Charlotte?
  2. I am here to lend a motherly, or dominating spanking on any man or women who needs it. You can customize what you’d like, whether you want mommy to spank your naughty bottom or if you want a stress relief spanking, or if you’d like someone to keep you in line through hard no nonsense spanking. The only thing I ever ask is that you provide the place. Please do not hesitate to message me or email me at simonespankee@gmail.com
  3. Hello All, My name is Simone and I’m located in Charlotte NC and am in search of a woman to help mentor and keep in line, I have mild experience in disciplining meaning I haven’t been doing it for more than 3 years but my experience is valuable and will be valuable to you. So don’t be afraid to message me
  4. I never knew it was this difficult to find and bond with a disciplinarian/mentor. I’ve been actively searching for almost a year with not much luck. I’m trying to be hopeful, Mindful and most importantly safe but Jeesh.
  5. I’d really appreciate that! I think I was so excited about finding this site that i let all common sense go out the window.
  6. Hii My name is Kayla, I’m in desperate such of someone to discipline me and help me keep to my goals and responsibilities. I’ve always had time and money management issue but now it’s starting to affect my school work and how I provide for my son. I’ve never been spanked or really disciplined and I feel like since I’ve never had the fear of discipline that I’ve found myself in this situation. I’m desperately and openly trying to find someone in the North Carolina’s preferably in Charlotte to help me better my life even if that means not sitting for a couple days
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