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  1. Allie was sitting cross-legged on the floor, twirling the paper nervously around in her hand. She had no idea how this day had gotten so far out of control so fast, but from the moment she woke up, she knew she should just stay in bed. James always laughed, saying it was silly to think things like that, but Allie knew it. Allie knew, just like her favorite children's story. It was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And that's what it was. She had turned off BOTH of her alarms, rolling back over and sleeping an additional 16 minutes--something she never did, and somet
  2. -ria


    This was from a party I went to, about a year ago now.
  3. You can use the "red" for stop, "yellow" for "I need a minute" and green is good. I played/was punished by a man for 9 years, and did some VERY intense spankings, and never once used it for anything other than the fact that I have had 2 stomach surgeries, and sometimes positions really can start to hurt me. If I need a minute to adjust/calm down from dealing with the pain in my stomach, to focus on the pain in my bottom, it lets him know that. It doesn't mean I want it to stop, or I'm ready for it to. It just lets him know that something else is going on.
  4. There really is no one answer to this. As someone who has done sessions as an -ee, I have been paid $100 for an hour, up to $400 for an hour. I have not offered professional ER services. But I know some people, and I imagine that the price ranges as well.
  5. as what could be perceived as a "dyke midget" myself, i don't think its okay to use those words, period. quoting or not. it's gross, and it keeps a really crappy stigma going. thanks for apologizing.
  6. creepy dyke midget is actually super offensive. This post was wild, and if it's real I just feel sorry for all parties involved. I'm not going to grace it with any other response.
  7. Oh, this is actually really cool.
  8. Okay, but this can also happen just walking on the street. As an attendee of national spanking parties for seven years now, I can honestly say that ANYTIME i have felt even slightly threatened, and made it known to an organizer, they were very quick to act. You do not HAVE to go to a private room to play at these parties. It is a choice made by some. I'm sorry that happened to your friend, but I don't think it casts a negative light on parties as a whole. It's just a crappy situation that women face regularly. Kink exacerbates it, yes, and makes it trickier to report, but it is just
  9. Antidepressants do not make everyone feel groggy. I firmly believe that spanking cannot help anxiety-based behaviors, and I find it interesting that you seem to be so willing to submit to a spanking, and so unwilling to try to seek a professional's help. Everything is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Spanking may work for you, but so could therapy. Don't rule something out altogether based on someone else's situation.
  10. Hi guys! I figured maybe it was a good idea to write a little intro, since I am new to the site. I'm Ria. I'm 27, from New York, and have been actively involved in spanking in one way or another since I turned 18. When I started out, I was very much a bottom only. Now, I sometimes switch with people I really care for. Bottoming is still my first love in kinkland, with a strong emphasis in discipline. I like over the knee, and spankings with wooden implements the best. I attend a few national spanking parties a year. Anyway, that's a
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