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  1. Yes I think you're absolutely right. I have considered it but in all honesty I don't think I'll ever ask her if I can see a spanker. However, I have spoken with her about my need and she has agreed to try and spank me again. Once I explained to her the idea of subspace she understood better and also how spanking has been used as therapy, she was really intrigued. I still have my doubts though, because what I need is a bloody hard spanking and I just can't see her being able to do it but we'll try.
  2. I like the slipper. My mum used to chase me around the house with it and then when she caught me she would throw me over her knee rip my pants down and smack me so hard in quick succession. I used to find the sting unbearable and I still would do now if it was the right type of slipper. I'd love to be locked over a women's knee and slippered right now.
  3. One of my favorite spanking clips is the slipper spanking in the movie, Lady libertine.
  4. There was one time where I took slipper to my backside. I had a picture of a dominating figure in front of me. She was sat on a chair with a hair brush in her hand and wearing sophisticated cloths including black stockings. I imagined that I was bent over her knee with her right thigh holding me down so I couldn't move. I began thrashing myself a few swats on each cheek then taking some short pauses in between. I found it really did hurt at first but I pursued and to my surprise I must have gone through some kind of pain barrier. I felt a kind of high and once I had finished the feeling it left me with was really quite peaceful, quite meditative. From that day on, I've never been able to get back to that headspace.
  5. I guees I knew that was the answer really. It's going to be a difficult discussion to have, I may end up just bottling out. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  6. Hi everyone I'm new to here and this is my first question. My wive claims that she can't really continue with spanking me as she doesn't like to see my backside red and bruised. I feel that I really need a spanking and therefore always contemplating going to see a disciplinarian. What prevents me as that I feel a bit guilty, like I'm cheating on her. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this, has anyone been in a similar position to me, is a spanking more like just going to see a therapist?? Etc...
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