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  1. That would’ve been a problem, because I don’t spank 45 year old men. Sorry...
  2. I’m a early 50’s disciplinarian living in Minnesota. If you live in, or travel to the Twin City area and are in need of someone to administer some “heat” where it counts, please PM me or email me at... disciplineMN337@yahoo.com I’m safe, sane, clean with no criminal record. I’m able to host and I practice safe COVID-19 precautions.
  3. Would definitely make things really uncomfortable during the holidays!😂
  4. I like the word “tanning” for some odd reason
  5. Anything you do behind your partner’s back is cheating. Pure plain and simple.
  6. The energy from the belt being swung ends at the loop causing a “lashing” effect. It hurts even worse when the belt is pulled back or retracted back just before the looped end lands. 😳😚. Get yourself something soft to sit in...you’ll need it.😚
  7. I did not post anything in ‘about me’
  8. You forgot the two most common ones.. ~Bootie ~Pondoncadonc
  9. If you been consuming a lot of foods loaded with vitamin K lately, that’s probably the reason you’re not bruising as much if at all. (Broccoli, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts etc)
  10. They all need a good hairbrush spanking!😡
  11. Postpone it til those bruises heal. Bruises are caused by broken blood vessels. In others words, bruises are injuries. Let yourself heal first. In the meantime, eat more vitamin K rich foods (greens) and use arnica cream.
  12. .....gets you SPANKED! Spanked to the point you dread having to sit.😡😡 Masks are essential for protecting EVERYONE. That means YOU and ME! So...PUT IT ON!!!😡😡😡 Thank you...😊
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