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  1. Some newbie models are usually desperate for cash. Some are professional spankings models who love what they do, and are good at it. Kiki is the love of my life, for sure. ❤️
  2. If the spanker does not have some form of physical consent (paper contract/email etc), he/she could be liable for criminal sexual assault.
  3. With more people being vaccinated, and the pandemic reaching its time, I’m finding ‘ess are becoming waay overdue. I’ve spent a lot of time on chat along with with Skype and kik, and the stories are all the same. “I’m WAAY overdue!” With that being said, I want to remind those ‘ees in Minnesota that I’m available. I’m in my early 50’s, clean and professional. For whatever reason you want/need a spanking(s), I’d like to get to know you over coffee and see where things go from there. No pressure. Open minded. No judgment. 😊 DISCLAIMER: You MUST be a consenting, non-vulner
  4. Wait a minute. You stated that you DONT LIKE corner time, but now it’s something you might consider? I’m confused.🤔
  5. Being a disciplinarian requires a commitment. However, life does have a tendency to get in the way. If you like your disciplinarian, I say hang in there and be patient. Otherwise, it might a good idea to find another spanker/disciplinarian who has more time to dedicate to your needs. Hope that helps you...neighbor.😉
  6. One thing I’ve learned about being a spanker is that most ‘ees like the idea of having a fatherly type in their life. It gives them a sense of security and warmth knowing that someone cares and loves them enough to hold them accountable. Sometimes the best act of love comes from a good over the knee spanking.😚❤️
  7. As long as you feel comfortable talking with your therapist about it, I don’t see a problem with it, and neither should they. Therapists are trained to be compassionate and open without judgement of any kind.
  8. Welcome to the site, neighbor! 😊 I too am from the Twin Cities and a spanker.
  9. a-mw-spanker1


    Right here at your service.😊
  10. My “Daddy-Paddle” as its been referred to (not by me) has been known make a sound similar to a heavy hardcover book dropped flat on a concrete/marble floor in an empty room. Need I say more??😚😚😚😚
  11. That’s why I always keep my hairbrush within reach.
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