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  1. A person is only as dominant as their partner let’s them be.
  2. You obviously cannot punish someone against their will. If you do, you could ruin the relationship and possibly leave yourself open to legal ramifications. Not good. If my partner/mentee and I reach an impasse on punishment based on differences of opinion, I simply let it go and tell them (partner/mentee) that I’m disappointed in them and the reason why.
  3. Experienced spanker available available in Minnesota just for you... ...Discipline. ...Guilt issues. ...Motivation. ...Inner child needs attention? I can help with that. 😊. If you’re a consenting adult over 18 years old living in MINNESOTA, please feel free to PM me. 😊
  4. The more options the better. My suggestion for a new ee’ would be a small lighter leather paddle.
  5. Hey there- For starters, I hope everyone is well and doing their part to protect themselves and others during this terrible pandemic. #StayHome BUT...when this pandemic is over, I’m a “Daddy” in the Twin Cities available to any deserving ladies who may need and/or want one. I’m NOT a *creeper* or a *pedo*, so please don’t judge. If you’re looking for that special person kind hearted (daddy-type) with a firm hand and has a nice cozy place to escape to, let’s chat and get to know each other. (lord knows we have plenty of time..lol) Until then, be safe, be healthy!😊😊
  6. If you’re living in or traveling to Minnesota, please let me know. I’ll see to it you’re refreshed and reset while sitting gingerly on something soft.
  7. RIP to one of the greatest basketball players of all time and his daughter Gianna. Kobe Bryant 😢. 1978-2020 🙏
  8. That sheriff was corrupt. He had no right doing what he did. Also, James Garner got his way in the end.
  9. As a spanker, i always make myself “available” to those who have a need/want. I never pressure or sell myself to anyone..ever. When and if I ever get backed into a corner with the question “what do I get out of spanking?” I say... “Simple..the same thing you do, gratification.” Because in this Sadomasochistic activity we call adult spanking, that’s what it’s REALLY all about.. “GRATIFICATION” Class dismissed!😊
  10. Sawyer Brown....”Thank God for you.”
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