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  1. welcome to the site, hope you find what you seek here
  2. i find its pretty easy to get away with stuff lol
  3. you already had the answer :)))))))
  4. by only using it as a last resort ???
  5. its an important lesson you learned, and it has shaped who you are now for the better, so it worked, well done you you are brilliant.
  6. good luck lovely one, bravo to you for taking this on, I think it would be important to their relationship that she take the reigns at some point, because if she cant or wont do it, I think it will effect the relationship in some ways that are not good, I was in a vanilla relationship and it could never work no matter how much we wanted it too.
  7. completely agree with you, trust is a huge thing when either submitting to someone or disciplining someone, its a strong bond between people in my eyes, if i didnt trust someone or had concerns about trustworthyness, then I could never submit to them.
  8. heheheheheheh I am in the right place must be you whos in the wrong continent
  9. for me I think it would be easier to show my inner child to a female rather than a male, I think partly because it has been drummed into us not to show weakness especially to other males.
  10. I can completely understand this reasoning, I carried a bunch of guilt for long periods of time and it really can get you down and hold you back, I felt that by paying somehow to clear the slate really helped my mentality and lifted a burden from me .
  11. welcome to the site, be safe and I hope you find what you seek
  12. agree with this 100 percent, wise words
  13. on some levels he is right I would say, about not trusting guys, I'm not sure I would either, and as you rightly pointed out some seem great then all of a sudden boom, they are not what you expected atall, just need to be careful I guess, no need to rush. In terms of a bond forming that would damage a marriage, I would suggest a strong marriage would be fine, but I guess it depends if he is liable to jealousy and such because that is the start to problems for sure.
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