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  1. at the end of the day it works the same as any relationship all are open to abuse, any submissive giving control away to another is a huge step and you have to be careful, there has to be a balance of sorts, and always takes 2 working in the same direction for it to work
  2. my concern with this is, that you say it is affirm your authority over him, and yet you say he has planned it all out?? so who is actually controlling it ?? sounds like he is, you would just be giving him what he wants. If he truly wants you in control and you want to be in control, then it should be done on your terms.
  3. im in the uk yup in the north west
  4. I hope you find what you need, seems to be rather illusive
  5. hello and welcome, I hope you learn a lot and find what you need here, seems to be a lot of helpful people around, if you arent sure about something then ask
  6. This may sound strange maybe, but to me it firstly is discipline, but along with that it is showing that the spanker cares about you enough to carry it out, so its being cared for and nurtured but encouraged to make better decisions, also it acts as a huge outlet for me, I have a habit of internalising things and they gradually build to a point where my head completely goes, so it helps to stem the tide of that(also it helps to release guilt so I dont have to carry it around)
  7. sadly I am a tad far away, such a shame because you seem to be a perfect fit :),I am sure you will find what you are seeking, why oh why is the world so mean , why were you born in the wrong country heheheheheh
  8. I hope you find what you need, because I know the feelings you that come when you don't have it. stay hopeful and live as normal, the world has an uncanny way of bringing you what you need when you need it
  9. just be wary that a damaged implement could be dangerous, even when wrapped in tape, you said it was split almost right through, a splinter of wood could easily come through the tape
  10. welcome :)), I.m new here too, hope you find what you are seeking here
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