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  1. I understand just understand any man searching for an FLR is similar to a person looking for a needle in a stack of neddles
  2. Chastity is a subject that give many men pause. There are some that don't use this dynamic. The purpose of chastity is not fidelity. It is about control and sexual and mental submission. although keeping a man sexually faithful is an added benefit. Men tend to be more submissive to his partner and more often than not important as it keeps his focus of sex and on his female partner. The limited studies show over 90% in of FLR's chastity is used. the DD aspect is usually not enough. Are you more likely to submit to her leadership with or without chastity. I know some women that use chastit
  3. I have been off line for quite some time. I have had time to research and dig deep. Still about 65% of people frown on FLR while in traditional relationships that fail 68% of the time. I am a widowed and have many friends in various widow groups. Many of the widowed women are ready to date and most have started. That said most complain that the men that they are dating, seem to be non supportive, tend to sabotage the relationship. Often late for dates or get togethers. Some drink hang out with their buddies. Some seem to not care. Others obtuse or disrespectful. and many of these women f
  4. FLR is nothing new. It is ancient in its core. In fact it was normal until western civilization took root. It was widely practiced in China, Korea, India and other eastern nations until recent history. During the 7 province wars in China many great Religious and spiritual leaders emerged. The most important Confusious. His predecessor said this. Men put down your sword and do not follow or die for kings Go home to your wives and families. humble yourself to your wives and obey her. Women raise your children with love. Spare not the rod on your sons, discipline the
  5. I am thank you. long road back. at least im 90% there
  6. thank you getting stronger. sorry no way to get in touch in the hospital 4 weeks . a lot of physical therapy
  7. I have rejoined the living and am recovering from a stroke. Studies at a Norway university shows FLR has a 69% success rate , while traditional a 68% failure rate
  8. Weird um no. Society attempts to make rules that quite frankly couples can never live up to. I will only be in an FLR type relationship. The misconceptions about FLR are off the charts. So one would ask me are you a sub man? The answer is that depends on ones meaning. I am alpha in all regards in society. i protect my family, can run a business and am dominant ie territorial with other men. In a relationship I am only with strong, confident dominant women. she will lead the relationship set rules, define parameters. In this type FLR it is my belief a women a few Tools to assert her authority a
  9. you are welcome. most men like the idea but only in the bedroom. that is not FLR that is a man that likes to bottom. Nothing wrong with that but not FLR. For a true FLR i believe a man must be trained. She must be strong yet understanding, strict and firm but fair. He must be willing to to release his ego and societal training and trust in her
  10. not all men living in an FLR relationship enjoys spankings. in fact it is better for the women if he does not. Why is an agreed Domestic Discipline dynamic necessary? Because it assures the woman's leadership role. A women has a few tools to help her maintain her authority and dominance. 1 is Domestic Discipline. Another is chastity. Why Chasity? men are sexually different than women. If a woman controls his orgasms, it becomes easier to control the man in her life. He will readily obey her and comply with their dynamic. A man offers her the power and control over him, She simply has to take i
  11. I am not currently in a relationship. As a male i will always be in an FLR if i meet the right Lady. Most FLR couples practice Female led DD. Some do not. My take is authority needs to have power therefor DD. i do not like spankings they are all consequential to me
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