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  1. Hey everyone-long story short: I need some help getting back in the habit of exercising/going to the gym. I’d be happy to motivate/encourage in return. I suppose you could say I’m looking for an accountabili-buddy... I’ll see myself out.
  2. For words: Tush, buns, caboose, cheeks, swat, naughty, belt and spanking (duh) A few phrases that I swear I can hear through walls are: “You’re gonna get it/in for it now!” ”I oughta teach you a lesson” “Tan your hide”
  3. My friend who spanked me always warmed up over the pants, then I’d pull them down just below my butt when it was time to move onto the underwear spanking. She would usually pull those down-I made the mistake of wearing a jockstrap one time-man, did those elastic straps sting when snapped on the booty, lol.
  4. Just the caboose for me. I think the thighs might be a bit much-giving or getting.
  5. I like the phrase “Cherry your behind!”. I think I heard Miss Chris use it.
  6. I used to be a wedding/banquet bartender when I was in my early 20s. I had this older female co-worker who would always grab/pinch my butt when she’d walk by. One time she playfully threatened me with a spanking. Wish I would have said “You wouldn’t dare...” or something like that. Though, we did have a certain keg handle that was the perfect wooden paddle, so maybe it’s better I didn’t, lol.
  7. I’ve always had a bit of a fantasy about getting spanked otk out in a rural or wooded area. Also good with dishing it out in that scenario.
  8. Definitely has to be coming from a loving space. Though, I have to say a bit of playful scolding is fun to receive (and dish out).
  9. Definitely. When I was in my early twenties I had an older coworker who playfully threatened me with a spanking. Always wish she would have followed through.
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