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  1. Last time from an actual spanker (not self-spanking) has been about 2-3 years. That was an otk with her hand and a few wood implements. I have the curse of still feeling sore, but the redness fades away quickly. Thankfully, I don’t think my spanker is on here, so I’m safe for now.
  2. Thanks, Chawsee I’d be happy to upload some pics of the implements! I’ll also report back on my findings for how effective they are. I’m long overdue for a good booty-warming, so this can be an efficient process. I agree on the social skills. I actually reconnected with a friend from fet and a catching up. A little awkward, but it’s coming back.
  3. I’m alright. I’ve been dipping my toes into making leather spanking implements. I find I’ve been isolating myself unintentionally and have noticed my social skills have gotten “rusty” so to speak. I think it’s difficult to connect with people via the internet. Will probably self-spank for stress relief later-test us the prototypes, haha. btw Chawsee, I don’t think we’ve met, but it’s nice to meet you-thank you for starting this thread.
  4. The only people who know are a couple people from online and the lady that waxes me.
  5. It does seem like there is a bit of a lag. I also can’t get chat to load when I’m on mobile. Not sure why that is.
  6. I can relate. Once I started participating more on here and in the community locally, I met some great people. I have no doubt you will, too-welcome and have fun!
  7. SunsOutBunzOut


    Just a humble collection of my spanking drawings.
  8. For words: Tush, buns, caboose, cheeks, swat, naughty, belt and spanking (duh) A few phrases that I swear I can hear through walls are: “You’re gonna get it/in for it now!” ”I oughta teach you a lesson” “Tan your hide”
  9. My friend who spanked me always warmed up over the pants, then I’d pull them down just below my butt when it was time to move onto the underwear spanking. She would usually pull those down-I made the mistake of wearing a jockstrap one time-man, did those elastic straps sting when snapped on the booty, lol.
  10. Just the caboose for me. I think the thighs might be a bit much-giving or getting.
  11. I like the phrase “Cherry your behind!”. I think I heard Miss Chris use it.
  12. I used to be a wedding/banquet bartender when I was in my early 20s. I had this older female co-worker who would always grab/pinch my butt when she’d walk by. One time she playfully threatened me with a spanking. Wish I would have said “You wouldn’t dare...” or something like that. Though, we did have a certain keg handle that was the perfect wooden paddle, so maybe it’s better I didn’t, lol.
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