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  1. Tennessee Top has the right idea. Self-spanking is most successful when directed by a spanker.
  2. Nicole, I wonder if you would want a response from a spanker. It may seem strange, but I've never had any of the fantasies you describe. As I have said innumerable times here --probably to everyone's boredom-- it is the interplay of the actual spanking with the power dynamic that I find intriguing. That interplay does not for me allow for unlimited pain imposed on a spankee. Those spankees who have those fantasies, more power to you --just don't do it in real time.
  3. As a lawyer, particularly as a former civil litigator, I have to be conservative: I rely on an institution –the courts– to resolve disputes. And when I see the Supreme Court decide to discriminate against LBTQ persons on a fictitious lawsuit, or rule against affirmative action when the trial court found, on extensive evidence, that no discrimination existed, then I am a real conservative, and the majority of this court is a bunch of lawless radicals. When I see a false doctrine called “originalism” which has no basis in law or history used to determine major issues, I am a conservative against mindless theories. Yet most people would say my views are liberal, and that’s fine. Of course, people can disagree with me or my categorizations. But I do find it hard to accept as reasonable those views which people put forth as “conservative” when they are nothing more than heuristic bromides.
  4. Alas, my friends, you are mistaken. Most of the women I spank come from the midwest and south, here in New York on business trips. There aren't spankers that they can find where they live and work, so I reap the benefit of the heartland's refugees.
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