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  1. You said the magic word, "trust." When a spankee can trust her spanker, she can let go completely.
  2. Safe words are a must, even in a long relationship. Of course, the spankee knows the discipline is going to hurt, but unexpected things can go wrong, and there has to be an emergency stop. In all my years of spanking, I have never heard a spankee use the safe word --and on second thought, that is amazing. But there is always is one and should be.
  3. I'd like to throw this open to both spankers and spankees, and primarily for disciplinary spankings. Is it subsequent conduct? True remorse? The amount of sting? The scolding before or after? There are all sorts of factors, and any help --from both sides-- would really be educational.
  4. I particularly liked her inner thoughts while the thrashing was going on. As a spanker, I have to think that similar thoughts are going on in my spankees's minds. Congratulations on a good, brief account!
  5. mia, I am afraid I could only direct your self-spanking, although that sometimes can be a worthwhile substitute --especially in this age of the virus.
  6. I think Bart Ehrman's "Heaven and Hell" is now on audiobook. It was a terrific read if you're interested in early Christianity (and how it dveloped from Judaism).
  7. First of all, if the spanker has any anger, he (or she) should NOT spank. Discipline spankings should only be administered in a calm atmosphere. Second, a scolding should be firm, definitive, but never delivered in a raised voice. (See "First," above.) In fact, I've found that a proper scolding in an even tone increases the intensity of the spanking.
  8. I love the wooden kitchen spoon. It can be used on the bottom and the upper thighs.
  9. I'm from New York City, vanessa, although I've relocated to the country because of the virus. And I'm a spanker of women!
  10. Hotseat, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a bit younger, a bit taller, at the other end of the country, but otherwise we have very similar views, particularly on mature women, who, I believe, need discipline most.
  11. I am, as you might expect, a technological troglodyte. I do have a Facebook account, which I hardly ever use except to send birthday wishes. I can't see the value of telling friends I am eating Mexican food right now or sponsoring the latest conspiracy theory. So I applaud Amethyst (many months later) and urge my friends here and otherwise to speak or write to people who really count in our lives, not some anonymous crowd.
  12. Chastener

    Sub wife

    Taryn, you've chosen a rich topic, one with a lot of nuance. Perhaps you express some of your questions here to get started. And welcome!
  13. You could always get a male spanker.  Oh, I forgt: You're a brat.  II don't use emojis, but you get the idea.)

    1. AfterGeometry


      Actually emojis can be quite helpful when trying to convey a certain tone which can often be misinterpreted in text-based communications.   I wouldn't rule them out completely.  

  14. Forget about the spanking factor, this guy sounds like bad news. Look, a man can have different opinions from you about spanking, and then you either work them out or deem them not so important that they threaten the relationship. That's par for the course, and, obviously, it applies to all sorts of issues, not just spanking. But this sounds like a situation where you just got mixed up with a bad guy, who was cruel and now wants to continue that cruelty. Say good riddance, be happy that you were lucky enough to get out of the relationship, and move on. It won't be easy, since it's clear you still have some residual feelings for him, but find someone else who'll treat you right.
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