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  1. And to complete the circle, Viktoria, I am always happy to talk about old-fashioned discipline from the spanker's perspective. Good luck here.
  2. I've said it before,probably all the members are tired of my saying it, but, in truth, there is no way to escape the erotic implications of spanking, even if the spankings are meant entirely for disciplinary purposes. Summer's right: It isn't an issue --unless ER or ee makes it one, and that's a possibility.
  3. I'm afraid that only works in spanking videos. Although back in 1950's, who knows?...
  4. Nudity, for me, takes away the focus of spanking. That said, the women I spank do have to bare their bottoms at some point. (A spanking on the panties and then on the bare is one of my favorite methods, but that's idiosyncratic.) Some of my spankees have, however, indicated that they prefer something closer to full undress, and I usually accommodate them, but warily. There are, of course, particular forms of dress which I approve of, but those have to be worked out with the spankee
  5. One of a spanker's responsibilities is to KNOW when to stop. If there is the slightest concern about whether a spanking is about to go too far, the best road is to stop at once. Trust me, you can always make up for it later with no harm done.
  6. I'm glad that there can't be too many negative reputation points! What would I do?????
  7. it's good to have you here.
  8. I think that is a wonderful way to arrange a spanking. It combines emotional elements beautifully with the physical. One question PR: Does your wife stand in the corner bare bottomed?
  9. Welcome, and my experience is that your behavioral improvement is not at all uncommon.
  10. Chawsee, I don't think the ER is required to "stick it out." Almost all of my longer-term relationships have really ended on mutual accord, both parties feeling that either something is missing after a while, or, better, that the need has been fulfilled. A few times I've been called by an ex-spankee well after the fact, and then I decide if it's worth getting back into the relationship, even for a short time. (I haven't counted, but I'm guessing that's about 50-50.) Of course, it's harder when the ER alone feels he has to end it, but --in spite of what ee's will say as a (possibly humorous
  11. The most memorable story I have heard about caning was from an older Australian woman who attended an exclusive girls school there shortly after the Second World War. Apparently the headmistress had grown up in the British system and was motivated to outdo it. When the local government passed a resolution banning canings on the bare, she didn't miss a beat. The girls were brought to the forefront of the Sunday assembly, their skirts flipped up, and their knickers pulled up tight, so that virtually the whole backside was bare. (The woman confessed to two unforgettable canings in front of t
  12. One question you should ask yourselves is whether the spankings you foresee are primarily erotic or disciplinary. If erotic, then either of you can initiate or submit to them. If disciplinary, then the dynamic becomes a bit more complicated, as one of you will have to act as disciplinarian for the other. But I'd recommend you think about what kind of spankings you anticipate and work from there.
  13. You mean, of course, that you did this?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chastener


      Hey don't try to create dissension between the site and your disciplinarian.  [Laughs]

    3. rubyredd


      My disciplinarian ended it back in February. No dissention. 

    4. Chastener


      Damn!  I would have liked to see you get a really red behind for that!  As I've said before, "Oh, to be in Indiana."

  14. You know, when I thought of that "notes" reply, it was a joke. I didn't realize that it was linked to a (typical) feminine criticism of men. But now that it's in our discourse, I'll just say. "See I'm sensitive, I pay attention." If that's what works with women, I'm all for it --even if unintentionally. [Smile] And, please, Megthe, wear your red running tights more often: We may meet some day. [Another smile]
  15. I think I may have mentioned this on this site somewhere, but Nelson Mandela said, "Seeking revenge is like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die."
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