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  1. @brigitta and @sortofanadult: Just to set the record straight. I spank ONLY women who come to me needing and requesting discipline. I make t clear which body parts are potential sites. If at any time consent is withdrawn --either directly or indirectly-- I stop, and they know they ar free to walk away, no questions asked. And @rubyredd: How long ago was "Monster Mash" a hit? Seems like forever... I certainly am old enough to remember...
  2. Spanking on the thighs is part of my regimen. Of course it hurts more than spanking on the behind. And of course a spanker should take extra care. But I find the objections to it unreasonable for disciplinees. Chalk me up as as a monster.
  3. Do you find that she feels the discipline more deeply when you begin on her panties and progress to the bare?
  4. I prefer positioning according to the situation. Panties to the knees for a hand spanking, for example, but panties fully off for an implement spanking, say, over a chair or desk. Of course, these can be combined. By the way, have any spankers here tried handspankings first with panties on, perhaps a few dozen that way, and THEN panties off for a several dozen more? For some reason my female spankees take this procedure to heart very deeply.
  5. I've always been a spanker, and, to my knowledge, all of my spankees have been nothing but spankees. But we are now dealing with a partially non-binary culture, and perhaps switches were ahead of the game.
  6. When I realized pretty early in spanking (over 25 years ago) that it was almost impossible for a spankee to avoid swallowing some of the soap, I permanently turned away from it. It did have a real effect from a disciplinary standpoint, but there are other ways, and soaping was (for me) just too dangerous --despite the desire for it from spankees.
  7. Forgive me for being a stick-in-the-mud. I prefer cornertime after spanking, when a woman displays her bare red bottom to the room in which I am assiduously doing something unrelated to her punishment. (Actually, not, but it does give the impression that the sting on her backside is entirely her affair.] Standing with her nose in the corner, hands on head, absolutely silent, she can feel the consequences of her bad behavior better, I think, than a harsh mat or bench. I've read about those benches, though, in stories about English boarding schools for girls, and I'd like to know if any of them are true --or just myths, admittedly attractive myths.
  8. Perhaps the first problem you have to confront is that spanking can't be totally de-sexualized. I give only disciplinary spankings, and almost all of my disciplinees are married women. Almost all of them recognize some sort of sexual thrill (yes!) from the discipline when no overt sexual activity is involved. So you can't blame your male acquaintances from jumping to conclusions. My guess is that you'll have to get further into a relationship with someone you trust and then reveal your need for discipline. See what his reaction is then. Most of my disciplinees came to the understanding that they needed corporal discipline only after a long period of thought. It may not be convenient, but new spankers may need the same kind of inner resolution. It's difficult, I know, and men aren't the most initially sensitive beings, but give it time.
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