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  1. I am surprised that in all this discussion I didn't see reference to a ping-pong paddle. It's intimate and when used correctly, can impart a really nice sting. Also, it can be used for multiple swats, so the psychological effects of discipline can sink in.
  2. Would it be appropriate in a person's profile in the "Age" category to make it "Age at Signup"? (I know I have aged since I joined --aged, not matured, I assure everyone.)
  3. Here is another one just for you. 


    1. Chastener


      Thank you, my dear.

  4. Of course, of course, always appropriate.  I am sorry if I in any way mischaracterized your pristine behavior.  {Wishes there wer ean emoji for rolling one's eyes.]

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    2. SpankeeGal


      There is one "🙄"

    3. rubyredd


      @SpankeeGal- Right? How is that not common knowledge? I use it about 25 times a night in chat. 

      PS: Are you behaving?

    4. SpankeeGal


      @rubyredd you already know that answer, I'm sure as does everyone else.

  5. My experience is that "mature" women are infinitely better poised to appreciate disciplinary spankings than their younger counterparts. And that encompasses appreciation of the sting, but more importantly, appreciation of the process. I've been lucky in that my encounters with mature women have almost always been fulfilling for them. Any male spanker who regularly confines himself to women in their twenties and thirties is simply missing out on the women who deeply need and understand discipline. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to help them feel that their behavior matters.
  6. As someone who has presided over several self-spankings, particularly since the pandemic, I would like to put in a word for those of us described as "creeps." Of course, an in-person spanking is the model, but the virus and geography sometimes make this impossible. It's perfectly reasonable for a woman not to self-spank. By the same measure, if she can derive some behavioral benefit from the process, I fail to see why it should be prohibited. Some self=spankings work, others do not, and the single standard is whether the woman spankee is comfortable with it.
  7. An extraordinary piece of work. Thank you, AG, for posting. One thing that comports entirely with my methods is that woman's showing defiance is a sign that she is seeking control. I believe that a great many beginning spankers may mistake a woman's defiance for defiance of them, where it is something entirely different. It just emphasizes how much discipline is an art, not a formula.
  8. My impression is that "maintenance spanking" is more an artifact of "Dom-sub" relations generally than it is of spanking --which may be a kind of Dom-sub.  I can only say that I'm a disciplinarian, and the spankings I give are for, essentially, bad behavior.  The women I've spanked truly want to be chastized for their bad acts and to be deterred from future ones.  (I suppose the deterrent effect could be considered to be "maintenance," but that's a stretch. )  In any event, count me out for maintenance spankings.  When women come to me for discipline, there's usually plenty to correct.  [Smile]

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    2. Chastener


      I guess that if it's a set time, it bears some relation to specific discipline.  But to tell the truth, I'm still uncomfortable with it.

    3. rubyredd


      That is totally fair. I am not really comfortable with it myself. At the moment I need a mix of bad-girl and stress relief spanking. I wish there was a name for that. 

      Is discipline / punishment a one-and-done, all-forgiven situation, or would you ever stretch out discipline over a period of several weeks... not as maintenance, but as continued punishment? @Chastener

    4. Chastener


      rubyredd, there are a few times that I have stretched discipline over a few sessions.  Mostly they have been for repeated violations of civility, which I consider among the most serious misbehavior.  Really, though, I try to put bad behavior into a capsule with discipline as the capsule.

  9. And he was a religious poet, too! (Maybe CDD?...)
  10. "How brave a prospect is a bare behind." --Henry Vaughan, 17th Century English poet
  11. It sounds as if you need more discussion to complete your fantasies, which is very common among women in your situation. If you'd like to reply in private, I'm listening.
  12. I want to put a word in for the ping-pong paddle. (Table tennis bat or the Britishers here.) It's an intimate, easily-targeted implement, and, depending on the coating --rubber or sand-- can impart an excellent sting. Also, it's very versatile, as it can be used on the thighs as well as the behind. Don't underestimate it!
  13. And to complete the circle, Viktoria, I am always happy to talk about old-fashioned discipline from the spanker's perspective. Good luck here.
  14. I've said it before,probably all the members are tired of my saying it, but, in truth, there is no way to escape the erotic implications of spanking, even if the spankings are meant entirely for disciplinary purposes. Summer's right: It isn't an issue --unless ER or ee makes it one, and that's a possibility.
  15. I'm afraid that only works in spanking videos. Although back in 1950's, who knows?...
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