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  1. That's really interesting because I was thinking of the progression in the other direction. But I wonder whether despite your friend's changes, there was still some of the "same" in her waiting to get out again. I guess we'll never know.
  2. rubyredd and I usually agree on things, but I think that she may be a little too lenient here. We must remember that there were two offenses in this case. One is the destruction of the bash brush, which may be attributed to a moment of infantile brattiness, and the other is the disrespect shown to her spanker's authority, which seems to me the more serious of the two. Definitely ruberedd's suggestion is to be followed for the first offense. However, a long, comprehensive spanking with perhaps several implements should be in order for offending his authority. And I would suggest prolonged
  3. In my experience, jelena, I associate "naughty" with women who try to put distance between themselves and serious discipline, as if they are children, not adults who have to face the consequences of their behavior. Now I shall have to rethink that. As an aside, I love the ping-pong paddle, although I have to rephrase it as a "table tennis bat" for UK women.
  4. I will iterate my position on scolding, although I've said it so many times before that most of you will read this post going, "Yeah, yeah, we've heard you" A disciplinary spanking is only partially ( some would say tangentially) about the sting on a woman's bottom. It IS about her emotions that led up to the spanking, her emotions during the spanking, and her emotions after the spanking. I can't imagine a spanking without a scolding, usually through rhetorical questions, which are the most humiliating kind. Derogatory terms are not only a breach of courtesy and intimacy, but also self-def
  5. You've said it all, rubyredd. You can live with vanillas but not 'convert" them. If a woman has the need to be spanked --as you do-- it has to be done by someone who believes in your need and can discipline with that need in mind.
  6. And here I was raising the subject of going from a top to a bottom! I guess this question is more frequently on a woman's mind --one way or the other-- than I previously imagined.
  7. I was wondering the same thing, whether it's more likely for a woman to go from female Top to a secret female Bottom. As an aside, this side of the Domme I always keep strictly confidential, as you might expect. I do have to say I get a great deal of pleasure out of watching the woman Domme others when I (AND she) know I just have to call her to be something quite different.
  8. Shabbat shalom, Mister. 

    Found you this: thought you might appreciate it. She sings it well:


    1. Chastener


      Thanks, sassy.  I listened --she's very good-- and read a translation.  It sounds almost like something out of the "Song of Solomon."  I realize it's liturgical, but some of the images....  

    2. sassylittle


      @Chastener You are welcome. Thought you might appreciate her voice😀

  9. Over the years I've met quite a few female spankers --usually they prefer to call themselves Dommes-- at various parties and such. As it turns out, a number of them have revealed another side of their persona to me, that of spankee or, as they call it, sub. I don't spank men, so I don't know if this is generally part of the culture --the indescribable need to switch under the right circumstances. I would be interested if female spankers might weigh in on whether they have the need to be punished as they punish their spankees, men and women. I call it an "unfair question" because it does go
  10. I think your most incisive comment is that we are trained not to feel. Obviously some control is needed just for social intercourse, but in intimate situations --spanking being one of them-- I encourage a woman to express her feelings completely. I can tell you as a spanker that if a woman cries from the inner emotion and humiliation it can be fulfilling for the spanker as it is for the woman. The sting just opens the door....
  11. As "behind" should! Is there really any substitute for "Get your behind out here," or "You'll learn your lesson on your bare behind"?
  12. Has anyone mentioned "behind"?
  13. Bare bottom is the ONLY way with one exception: In the rare cases where spankings are witnessed by another, sometimes it's more effective to give a woman first a spanking on the panties, and then draw down her panties. But only then.
  14. I'm a spanker, and I try to stay clear of "serious" brats --for discipinary purposes-- because they seem to want to disobey, just for fun. I have brats as friends, of course, but not for real discipline. Occasionally, I'll get a woman who likes to "put on an attitude," realizing that it's going to cost her, but those are few and far between. I suppose it's more about brats changing the nature of the process that causes me to stay away. Obviously, some spankers have no trouble with brats, and that's fine. It's just that I have other (not necessarily better) standards.
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