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  1. Chag pesach Samech, Mister. Hope you have a good feast😀

    1. Chastener


      Thank you, sweetness.  Should I think of you hen we're singing "Dayenu," or when we're marking out the ten plagues?  [smile]  First a good sabbath, and then a wonderful feast.

    2. sassylittle


      You can think about me thru both and especially when I steal and hide the afikoman... that's the best mischief a little can get upto during the seder. Hashem rewards little girls, who steal, but only once a year😂

      What It's Like to Be a Spring Semester Senior - FindSpark

  2. Chastener


    If you do change your mind about (1) a female mentor and (2) the efficacy of spanking, perhaps you should contact me. In any event, good luck here with your search.
  3. Naomi, here is an unsolicited (as usual) spanker's opinion. I've always believed that a woman's feeling of being bare-bottomed is itself a vital part of the spanking. That is, a woman cannot experience the full emotional effect of a disciplinary spanking while covered. I do spank on the knickers (See? I speak British!) but only as a prelude to spanking on the bare. My two pence.
  4. alissa, is there any way to read the story NOT on Kindle?

    1. alissaK


      Unfortunately, no. My stories are in the Kindle Unlimited program, so I can't make them available in digital format anywhere else.

  5. Sorry for the inaccurate description of your present relationship, but you know where I'm coming from. Let me precisely clear, albeit from from a very particular point of view: Women should be spanked, and in most cases, the more often the better.
  6. rubyredd, the reason is mainly logistics, the kind of women I discipline (or disciplined before the virus). Most of them can only be available for spankings a few times a year at most, and they definitely need them for disciplinary purposes. In a relationship like yours I understand entirely that maintenance spankings are a regular part of the process, and I heartily endorse them.
  7. Oak with holes is superb. I like to use twelve on panties and twelve on the bare: The progression seems fulfilling. I remember chatting (not here) with a woman who was paddled in high school. The school gave her twelve on panties, and hasn't forgot it in all this time. Of course, that it was done before about a dozen faculty may have something to to do the memory....
  8. I rarely give maintenance spankings: They're almost always specifically disciplinary. When I do maintenance, it's always with the hand, although circumstances may make it last a fairly long time.
  9. Are you the "trouble" I encountered on bondage chat city?

    1. trouble100


      the same trouble from spanking chat city and spanko

    2. Chastener


      It's nice to see you here.  Be good, if that's possible.  [Smile]


  10. Nelson Mandela said, "Seeking revenge is like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die." One of the Central Park Five quoted him at a meeting.
  11. When a woman takes a disciplinary spanking, of course she submits to it. I don't think that's controversial, although then again, I haven't been awarded any prizes for tact on this site. What I don't think many spankers of women don't appreciate is that this an extraordinary moment with a woman who is not, in all other aspects of her life, NOT submissive. That to me is the quintessence of spanking, a strong woman --with authority and serious opinions-- recognizing that for the next several minutes she is going to be taught a lesson on behavior modification according to her disciplinarian's
  12. If it's disciplinary spankings that you're seeking, you might want to engage him on the particular subjects of your behavior that you want changed. For example, if it's your temper that you think is out of control, anytime you lose it with him, he'll know that you have to be taught a lesson. Then he can get into a discussion with you about all the areas you need guidance in. Does that help?
  13. No one may believe this, but when I'm spanking a woman, I don't fantasize. Are there women (celebrities?) I imagine spanking? That's a different question. But if I didn't want to spank a particular woman in the first place, I just wouldn't. Her bare bottom is just fine for me.
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