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  1. I have to take a sabbatical from spankingneeds for a while. I'll be back, of course, but I just need some time to work some things out. Everyone stay well.
  2. @ChicagoLady In that situation, I always make sure the woman's bare bottom is enough away from the desk itself, so that the desk cannot absorb the paddling in any part, and her behind is left to take it all in.
  3. In chat, when you click on a member you don't know, it would be helpful to know if the person is a male or a female and seeking a male or female.
  4. Justin, your post shows that fancy new devices can't surpass the tried and true. A yardstick is a wonderful tool, and it imparts a serious lesson.
  5. The language is clear enough and indeed exemplary, but I wonder if these rules, along with others, are better left unstated and understood between the parties. A thought.
  6. Totally agree. If a male spanker can't accept a woman's setting boundaries, then he shouldn't ne spanking.
  7. Banshee, I don't think it's a measure of trust. It's a measure of personality. If you're very aware of your need for discipline but ornery about someone (a man?) imposing it, then you'll try to top from the bottom. A good disciplinarian can deal with that very nicely, thank you. By the way, I don't hear much about male spankees topping from the bottom....
  8. Of course spanking is sexual, or at least has pungently sexual overtones. It relates to the sexuality of control, which, in this Freudian influenced world, I don't think I have to explain. Discipline is control of another, and the result is that both parties get fulfilled. That's sexual, and it's very nice.
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