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  1. That's a very insightful view, michgal.. I like to take down the panties of a girl about to get a hand spanking, but I usually require her to take them down for an implement spanking that won't be over the knee. I don't know when this division started, it just seems right.
  2. sunshine, it's admirable that you self-spank, but I wonder, wouldn't it be more fulfilling if a disciplinarian were directing you? After all, you write (eloquently) about the humiliation of the discipline: A disciplinarian providing guidance would increase that emotion. Obviously, if it works for you, I shouldn't be interfering, but I was just offering a suggestion for the future.
  3. Back to the original post. Anytime a spankee wants to walk away from a session for any reason, she should be able to. That's absolute. I don't care if she's given her spanker complete control or whatever term is used these days. She should get up and walk away, and there should be no trouble from the spanker. He has the right, of course, not to deal with her in the future if he so wants. But it's real, there's no question about that.
  4. Any kind of direct contact with the spankee that is based on rhetorical questions is inherently embarrassing. I love Chawsee's example, only I wold extend it further. "Do you think you will do it again? Do you think your skirt should be removed? Do your think your panties should come down?" A spanker can draw this out almost interminably. If you're using an implement, such as a ruler or wooden spoon, making your spankee count each stroke and thank you for each one is a time-tested embarrassment that only adds to the spanking. Sometimes I even add to her "One, Sir. Thank you, Sir," a statement with each stroke like "I realize this is for my own good."
  5. I have said numerous times on this site that the wooden spoon is one of my absolute favorites. A few strokes on each cheek can teach a quick lesson. Many strokes can redden a backside to teach a serious lesson. And it is just beautiful -although used sparingly-- on the backs of the thighs for an important lesson. It is simple and usually easily available, and it doesn't require all kinds of subtlety. I have never used anything but the bowl, and with satisfying effect.
  6. Are you referring only to public embarrassment?
  7. Welcome, Molly, and I wish you good, hard discipline.
  8. I am amazed that people are so amazed at a spankee's orgasm during spanking. While I am a proponent of disciplinary spankings, the power dynamic is inherently erotic, and a woman giving up control for her discipline is by its nature deeply sensual. What has surprised me is the number of women who reach orgasm during online directed (self) spankings: That is a testament to the transfer of authority. The need for discipline runs very deep, and I am glad to help women fulfill themselves.
  9. "Spanking" conjures up all sorts of very specific images. For a woman it involves, aong other things, removing her skirt or jeans, lowering her panties, coming over her spanker's lap, realizing that the sting she is about to feel is in the authority of her spanker. No wonder the word brings a flush to a woman's face and shortness of breath.
  10. Trust me, Spankee, 40 is not old!

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    2. Chastener


      A few good spanks, and you'll feel young again!

    3. SpankeeGal


      Really, no kidding!! 🤣

    4. Chastener


      It tightens the tush!

  11. Stay well and safe, Chawsee, and come back soon.

  12. I've heard stories, but really never met a woman who was spanked in the workplace. I imagine it could have happened in the 1950's, but not since then. I have been in touch with a young woman in Eastern Europe who tells me she is spanked regularly by her employer, but I take that with a grain of salt.
  13. Probably because I love to talk so much, I almost always include conversation in my discipline. Usually it's rhetorical questions, but it can include real expression. Of course, the discipline is the primary subject, and conversation can never get in the way of that. But since I believe --and forgive me if you've heard this from me 1000 times before-- in the emotional effect of spanking on the woman, I will tend to more talk than most of my colleagues who let the paddle do their talking.
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