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  1. Another 3 here. I would never do anything to jeopardize my marriage, but I don't think asking/answering questions, getting things off my chest in a safe space with others who really understand my proclivities, or killing time playing forum games could possibly be construed as cheating. If my husband ever runs across this site in his research (he wants to know about what makes me and others like me tick), he'll know who I am. He can follow my posts and know I'm not here to flirt or meet anyone irl (which, in my case as a highly sexual spanko, would definitely be cheating). I've told him I visit
  2. Tent. Campers don't go to the remote, rough places I like to camp. I think of them more as portable hotel rooms for living on the road for an extended period. Coke or Pepsi?
  3. In the middle, I guess, so I'd be concentrating on the spanking rather than total mortification...however, if either happened, it would probably be my last spanking. For ERs, would you rather spank a tiny hiney, or a meaty seat-y?
  4. Oh, wait...this is the "would you rather" game, not the "would you ever" game... Would you rather go to a sporting event or a performing arts event?
  5. No. Sex for me is an expression of love, not of gratitude. I'm married to a vet, and while I do thank him for his service (not for protecting me, necessarily, but rather for volunteering, thus protecting young men and women who may not be suited for the military from conscription by the rich a-holes who insist on hosting endless wars for profit) sex has never entered that component of my respect and appreciation for him. Would you ever date someone famous?
  6. To answer the original question, everything I've posted is absolutely real. That's the whole point of sites like this for me. I can be truly authentic within the confines of an anonymous platform. Before I began exploring the internet, I was sure I was a freak. Seeing that there are others like me has made it all easier to process, and eventually to turn some of those repressed fantasies into real life experiences. It may be noted that there are times when I seem to be on the site constantly, and other times where I disappear completely. When I'm here, my husband, also my ER, is working,
  7. Being called by my full (first, middle, and last) name. Or being called "Miss", even if some is just saying, "Pardon me, Miss" or something along those lines. Also, though it's not a word, the jingle of a belt buckle gets my attention every time!
  8. Vox

    Would you ever?

    'Fraid not...I read Sybil when I was maybe 10, and the horror stuck, even though it later came out that her other "personalities" were fake. Question for hetero people (because I don't think it would result in the same social reaction for a gay/lesbian couple): Men, would you ever date or marry a woman 6 inches taller than you? Women, would you ever date or marry a man 6 inches shorter than you?
  9. Fabulous intro! I chuckled all the way through. You know what they say...seven days without a pun makes one weak! Pilates and salsa dancing I can relate to, but tell me more about this snake charming business...? Welcome, and I very much hope to see you around the forums!
  10. Vox

    Would you ever?

    That would be a resounding HECK YES!! Antarctica from about November to February is very much on my bucket list. Would you ever own a gun?
  11. Yes, but I would never put one of those nasty things in my mouth! They have them in the hotel sundry shop, which is less than 30 seconds away. CYP an un-chipped car key?
  12. Vox

    Would you ever?

    @ukspankoBare bottom, huh? Wonder what she was into? I volunteered for 10 years at the tiny public library in Hollis, Alaska. It's an all-volunteer show. I quit, though, when the State Trooper's wife moved in and turned it into a Christian reading room. Among many other things, she got rid of all the Harry Potter books and movies, and even the Tassajara Bread Book, which is the best cook book I've ever read on the subject, simply because it was published by Shambala Publications. I'm still angry about that. I used to love my shift at the library. And, no, I wouldn't use my phone in t
  13. Vox

    Would you ever?

    Nah. If I couldn't do it in my teens, twenties, and thirties, what would make me think I could do it now? I have a hard time keeping my balance standing on a moving train. Skateboarding, skiing, and the like are just not natural to me. Would you ever stage-dive?
  14. No. CYP a pair of ballet slippers or pointe shoes?
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