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  1. It looks like he gets a very through seeing too. Ouch. That is a wicked looking paddle too. Definitely incentive to behave
  2. I am sure your husband could not miss the message on that correction. It would be horrible finding out that the girls could hear the spanking and also see the results. I suppose he could also have been required to apologize to them too. Even so, the point was well made. I would be riding back inside from the pool. Too embarrassed to be seen like that. And I am very sure his interest in the girls looks at that point was secondary.
  3. I am sure that he knows that paddle has been packed, I am sure that he will do everything he can to behave. I would think that paddle would be severe enough for anything
  4. I joined in 2019 and Enjoy participating in the forums. There are a lot of interesting people here and it's been great understanding their different situations. There are a few people I have traded messages with as well.
  5. Do you mind saying m,ore about what it helps with?
  6. Seeing the implement that is going to be used to beat his bottom must really make an impression. Sometimes I am told to leave a hairbrush out (it doesn't draw any attention). Although it looks innocent and not out of place, it is a reminder of painful times in the near future. Seeing that chair everyday would probably cause me to pause every time I passed it.
  7. I hope you don't mind that I am following you as well.  I sent a message asking if you were willing to correspond about your situation with you husband.  I am always curious.  I don't want to bother or offend you. 


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