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  1. I’ve self paddled myself for years and am extremely good at it. Coz can’t find anyone into this That doesn’t expect sex. Anyone else self spanking? Experiences???
  2. Been self paddling for years. Extremely good at it. Still really want the real thing
  3. Paddling bent over a desk or up against the wall. Spanking over the knee or bent over a bed or chair
  4. I was in third grade and another kid got paddled. That night was the first time I fantasized about it
  5. All that being said, I would have some concern about being “turned on” while naked over another dudes lap. Comments ...
  6. Exactly right. Can’t find any straight dudes into this in pgh area
  7. I am straight and definitely interested in being school style paddled and belt spanked by a guy
  8. Does anyone want to chat about school paddlings you got ?
  9. South of Pittsburgh looking to be school style paddled
  10. I was paddled numerous times in jr and sr high. 9-12 grade . Three times 9, twice tenth, once 11th, three times 12th
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