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Sometimes I Just Need to be Punished!
Sometimes I just need a real punishment spanking.  One that hurts like a spanking is supposed to hurt.  One that punishes my misbehavior.  One that absolves my guilt.  One that disciplines my behavior and discourages me from repeating it.  Sometimes I just need a spanking like I got from my Mom when I was a child.  It’s not always about sex for me.  I don’t enjoy this type of spanking.  I NEED IT!  This is the part that is so difficult for others to understand and for me to explain.  It seems simple to me, but complicated to others.
It really is all about pain and pleasure for me.  I associate the physical pain from the spanking with the reason for the spanking.  When my need to avoid the pain exceeds my desire to gain pleasure from doing, or not doing, the reason for the spanking, my behavior changes.
I have primarily always been obedient when being punished with a spanking.  99% of the time, I was face down on a bed or the couch.  The only restraint was a hand on my back during longer bare bottom paddlings when I started squirming too much.

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