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  1. I seriously need a real punishing spanking.  I need a long and hard bare-bottom paddling.  Seriously.  Like I would have gotten from my mom in my younger years.  I need to be painfully punished, but in a loving fair and sane manner.  I seem to always lose everyone here.  Can anyone relate to this?  I am feeling alone with my needs.  Am I really alone here?

    1. BenjaminBoy


      No MottLee, you are not alone. I understand completely where you arecoming from. 

      I am PTDC - Punative Theropy Dependency Condition. 

      A term coined by a counsellor I was seeing some several years ago on another matter,  and being punished for things I did came up in the conversation. 

      I was worried he would ridicule me. However,  on the contrary, he supported  and encouraged me 100%.

      We discussed the fact that it was a mindset I was born with and in no way could I escape.

      It is NOTHING sexual whatsoever, but I need a sound and severe caning to relieve guilt and get me focused again. 

  2. Don't forget to unplug your Clapper before a spanking.  ?

    1. DDatl


      What if I want a rave vibe? Gotta have the Clapper set up.

  3. How do I convince my wife that spanking me is really a good idea?

  4. I am not a pet, slave, sub, bottom, submissive, or masochist.  I am a man who occassionally makes mistakes.  When I feel guilt or shame for that mistake, I feel a need to be held accountable for it.  Spanking works for me, since I don't enjoy pain.  When properly administered by a woman, a spanking absolves my feelings of guilt and/or shame.  I prefer to be face down and flat on a bed or couch, before pulling my pants and underwear down.  There should be no frontal nudity.  This is not about humiliation for me.  I also prefer it to be a bare bottom paddling with a wooden paddle.

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