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  1. I had an older brother and a younger sister. I was in the middle. My sister was never spanked. My brother and I were fairly even for years, but when he "aged out" of spanking, I developed a long streak of rebellion and disobedience. I had a serious and perpetual bedtime issue where I absolutely refused to comply with any bedtime set by my parents. This triggered numerous bedtime spankings. My lack of sleep from staying up too late led to morning problems such as: refusing to get out of bed; refusing to get dressed; generally crappy, crabby, cranky, and bratty behavior. My mother often h
  2. I was the middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. My brother and I got lots of spankings, and I cannot remember a single time where my sister got spanked. She was no angel, but I guess she responded to other types of discipline better than we did.
  3. I'm sorry. It did not update. Work Pay
  4. Exactly! Although, I don't feel like I chose this lifestyle. It is just part of my lifelong existence. Getting spanked for something I did wrong absolves me of the guilt.
  5. Who disappeared? The one who started this post? Maybe it was something 🤔 I said...
  6. I seriously need a real punishing spanking.  I need a long and hard bare-bottom paddling.  Seriously.  Like I would have gotten from my mom in my younger years.  I need to be painfully punished, but in a loving fair and sane manner.  I seem to always lose everyone here.  Can anyone relate to this?  I am feeling alone with my needs.  Am I really alone here?

    1. BenjaminBoy


      No MottLee, you are not alone. I understand completely where you arecoming from. 

      I am PTDC - Punative Theropy Dependency Condition. 

      A term coined by a counsellor I was seeing some several years ago on another matter,  and being punished for things I did came up in the conversation. 

      I was worried he would ridicule me. However,  on the contrary, he supported  and encouraged me 100%.

      We discussed the fact that it was a mindset I was born with and in no way could I escape.

      It is NOTHING sexual whatsoever, but I need a sound and severe caning to relieve guilt and get me focused again. 

  7. Motherly discipline is precisely what i need.
  8. I missed a significant one... Loretta Swit (M.A.S.H. TV Series) has spanked me in numerous spanking fantasies of my younger years. I wouldn't mind transforming any of those fantasies into reality.
  9. MottLee

    This or That

    Pie. Microsoft or Apple?
  10. Don't forget to unplug your Clapper before a spanking.  😊

    1. DDatl


      What if I want a rave vibe? Gotta have the Clapper set up.

  11. MottLee

    This or That

    Pancakes. Early rise or sleep late?
  12. There was a close second to the "Toilet Bowl Bonfire" spanking. Some may think this one is more deserved than that one. I was twelve and I was angry with my mom about something. I can't remember what I was angry about, but I remember everything that followed. I remember being angry and yelling, "Ducking Hunt!" Except, those two words started with "F" and "C." I regretted it as I was saying it. I love my mom and really didn't mean to say that. At the same time, I kicked the wall of my bedroom. Unfortunately for me, my foot broke a hole in the wall. My mom looked like s
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