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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to give my posting some thought. I, myself, am not going to drive all that way to find a spanking partner. I have lived without that experience for quite some time and am no worse off than before. When Craigslist was in full operation I had not trouble what so ever of finding a female spanking partner as I had a reliable 8 women who would email ME to set up a spanking and not the other way around. I was a three year member of Fetlife and did what you suggested in attending group "munches'. The women who showed up were always the same ones and many were already
  2. should have used are instead of is , there are not enough arrows. LOL OOPS!
  3. Fellows, I don't know about all of you but I would take the liberty in saying that most of us guys on this site are not going to find any like minded females to have as a spanking play partner. Everyone gives the same advice of be patient and someone will drift your way eventually". Not so . I have been off and on this site for years and am yet to find a like minded female residing anywhere close to my location. Posting on here is like getting ready for the big game, practice, putting on your home uniform, cleaning everything up nice and neat getting ready for that big moment. And the
  4. Male experienced spanko looking for a FEMALE spanking play partner. Guys, please do not hit me up for a spanking as it does absolutely nothing for me.
  5. Might there be any like minded females residing in or traveling to the Old Dominiom? I am looking , and have been for quite a very long time, for a female spanking partner for spainking, giving or receiving first and perhaps a few other safe and sane adult fantasies. I know the protocol for establishing trust, ect and all that is necessary prior to any meetings so I do not need advice on the safety topic.
  6. Several long time members have tod me to be patient and you will find that perfect spanking female partner. I think that being on and off of this site for going on 6 years should have produced a few potential partners but not so .So why waste time posting? They ( females) are here somewhere but this board is just like FETLIFE, no replies but plenty of views.
  7. I am looking for a female who is into giving and or receiving bare bottom spankings and like me is looking for a spanking play partner for occasional nsa meetings for safe adult play. I am open to other fetishes and spanking just happens to be at the top of my list. I am a middle aged male seeking like minded females.
  8. I guess we will never know as I quickly deleted my profile on that "free" site. LOL
  9. i briefly joined a spanking site which it's announcement led me to believe it was free. NOT SO. However I posted a brief message and received numerous replies. However because I was in the free member catagory and did not upgrade I was unable to read the replies. If by the slightest chance any of you ladies residing in or near Richmond were one who messaged me I was not avoiding you. If you happen upon this and are still interested in chatting please do not be shy.
  10. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a reply from any females on this site. They are few and far between. I have been on here for at least 6 years and no contacts to date.
  11. I have tried everything else and under the sun for years and still batting zero. So i will try this alternative. I will gladly steam clean your carpet in exchange of a spanking either giving or receiving for one room. If you are a switch and I spank you and you me two rooms. If you have a fellow spanker/spankee who is female and she joins in 3 rooms. If this stirrs some interest I would be greatly surprised as I seriously doubt that there are any female spankers/spankees in or very near the greater Richmond Metro area but I thought , what the heck, I'll give it a shot. No men please.
  12. Why thank you for the warm welcomming. I have been off and on this site for a very , very long time and am still batting ZERO. I know that there are some like minded women on here in Virginia but are still in hiding. LOL
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