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  1. My worst spanking would have been when I was about 8. We were on our way to my grandparents (a 4 hour drive), we hadn't even left town when I said to my brother " You say IT after I say SH" well needless to say I did not think my parents would put that together. My dad pulled the car over, took me to the back of the car, took off his belt. He sat on the bumper pulled my pants down and put me over his knee and gave me a spanking that would have me sitting uncomfortably for the next 4 hours. When we got to my grandparents I was sent to bed and didn't get to play with my cousins or siblings.
  2. How do all you ee's keep from squirming around while getting a well deserved spanking?
  3. My hubby and I just implemented some new rules yesterday. I am supposed to eat healthy and not eat junk behind his back( or in my car). Well I had some junk food still in my car from before the rule was implemented and I ate it all. I feel guilty about eating it, but also feel that it was there before the rule and I had to do something with the junk food. Do I tell hubby or just keep it to myself?
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