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  1. I'm hoping to find a Daddy that will get to know me and be kind and understanding. I have already been self-spanking by myself to calm anxiety, but I also really need motivation. I'm supposed to be setting up my own business and building a career. It's coming together slowly and I don't want to lose focus or drive. I guess a good daddy is equal parts cheerleader and disciplinarian who is available to check-in on weekdays. I don't know if I'm always going to need this and it's really embarrassing to ask for. I've talked myself out of writing this post a few times. I'm a shy girl so I won't be s
  2. It took a long time for me to realize that loneliness/neglect has lead to this fetish. There is so much trust, love and care required for this type of relationship and a total surrender. When you don't grow up in a household that provides it, or see other households that do, the need doesn't die. Someone's loving attention has to be paid in order to hold someone accountable. Someone's time has to be given mentoring in order to nurture. So I can see how loneliness can play a big part.
  3. Noise is an issue so I have a cellphone and coax cable looped over.
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