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  1. I'm going to a Respitory therapist Cus of breathing issues and to pick up a cpap machine.I have sleep apena along with copd .I got into trouble for not telling y main er of having high fevers and for struggling to breath.I'm scared of going to the hospital the last time I almost died but instead of taking me God took my older biological sister we both had the same problem.we had copd mine was chemical copd.She smoked but had clear lungs I think hers was chemical 2.Plus hospitals are overwealmed I don't want to add to there problem.MY main er I love her she's not letting me decide things on my health I have to tell her and She decides but I want to say I'm really scared of going into the er they Usealy keep me.I know if I was taking care of someone with my issues they'd be going to the er.So she's right in that but it doesn't make it easy to live with

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      Get better!

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