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  1. Folks 52 years of my life I stayed close to my parents,yes I was a nurse but my mom was one too it was 2nd nature to me I'd go to work take care of people come home take care of my pets along with any other injured animals I teased with my parents some but not like most people tease.I'm autistic I struggle in 2 worlds this one and my autistic one.I'm also struggling with copd flat ups.after having and taking care of my parents for 52 years then to be suddenly alone can be scary but I survived its been 2 yrs I'm 54 so I'm learning how to tease pls be patient and don't jump on me like Zhal did ty

  2. @sis michgal yr fun to tease and hang out but I'm not following you in the lions den lol
  3. You can tell I'm feeling better lol must of lost my mind I poked at 2 ers .I never poke at anyone but I guess wearing a cpap makes a difference now have to find a couch to hide behind lol 

    1. Rosy3457


      I wish I knew how to poke or post status lol 

    2. SJE


      Go to some ones page and say something like we are doing on my page now go to yr profile and update yr status

  4. I'd poke you but as yr on the broom stick I don't want you headed my way so have a safe trip lol

  5. SJE

    Poke poke in a nice way lol I'm safe my bottom is in Arizona my only problem is you do directed self spankings so I'm gently poking you lol 

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    2. SJE


      I take back my poke dear sister Becka it must of been this heat lol I would never be naughty enough to earn a visit from you.But I'll help you visit Minnie lol

    3. Becka


      I have told you several times now that poking me for pretend on a website is not going to get you in trouble with me. Only way that would happen is if i told you mot to and you still did. Please stop going on about it.

    4. SJE



  6. Poke poke at sis Mary lol I know my bottoms safe Cus you don't do self directed spankings and I'm way out in Arizona so I can poke without being afraid or having to pay the price of poking at my big sister lol

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    2. Zhal


      I needed a bit of silliness to break up the seriousness of being in the middle of a move.

    3. Ms.Mary


      Zhal you are wonderful. I hope you are settling in.

    4. michgal.k


      Uh... publicly teasing a Spanker is a GREAT IDEA! BRILLIANT! MAGNIFICENT! OUTSTANDING! 

      did I say brilliant 😏

  7. I'm going to a Respitory therapist Cus of breathing issues and to pick up a cpap machine.I have sleep apena along with copd .I got into trouble for not telling y main er of having high fevers and for struggling to breath.I'm scared of going to the hospital the last time I almost died but instead of taking me God took my older biological sister we both had the same problem.we had copd mine was chemical copd.She smoked but had clear lungs I think hers was chemical 2.Plus hospitals are overwealmed I don't want to add to there problem.MY main er I love her she's not letting me decide things on my health I have to tell her and She decides but I want to say I'm really scared of going into the er they Usealy keep me.I know if I was taking care of someone with my issues they'd be going to the er.So she's right in that but it doesn't make it easy to live with

    1. MichiganHeadmaster


      Get better!

    2. Powpaulie


      Praying for you!  

  8. 118 Ohhh no demerits again lol there useless
  9. Why I don't lie because he because he did my 1st step father who was a cop who swore to protect everyone yet he lured people into his wrong and doings and because of people like him in high places (he was a captain on state patrol) we got some bad cops.The majority of cops are good you never hear of them of the good they do or the lives they save!Its just the bad cops you hear of.We live in a world where black people are scared daily wondering I if today will be there last days Cus of a few bad cops.It shouldn't be that way.The good cops get lumped with the bad cops daily and it shouldn't be that way either.I'm white yet I experienced the badness of 1 cop and because of cops like him.If I would of been black he would of killed me but because I was white he thought he could terrorise me all my life.I'm shaking what he did by the people on this site.I'm growing mentally by the people on this site and by the strength of my main er Ty.

  10. Uh fingerless you might want to Cheak Michgals status update but for what it's worth I feel bad for you on yr next visit to Becka

    1. SJE


      Gingerlee* sorry about the misspelling

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