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  1. The 21 of Sept my mom passed from this life into eternity. Its been 2 years since she passed.I really miss her.I joined sn in July 262019 I was in a fog for a year but graduly I'm comming out of it.The whole world is different since in 2020 a panademick happened and the whole world shut down.Elections are this year.

    1. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      I’m sorry my condolences 

    2. JeansSmacker


      I'm so sorry.  (I lost mine a year ago July.)



      I`m very sorry for your Lost. Moms are very special and I bet your was great. 

  2. hi joe age 71 im told w match well but you are faw away and far to young darn it seek long term switch lady at least over age 55

    1. SJE


      Look I'm not looking for any ees or another switch I have a Er and I'm happy

    2. Ms.Mary


      Goodfor you Szczecin my little sis!!

  3. Loqok I've just learned not to pout but I'm allowed to say what I feel Exspecialy if I think a punishment is unfair. I ask nicely if I can say something without getting in trouble Usealy I'm granted that then I state my case it's got me out of 2 Punisments so far but most of the time doing that lessons my punishment.If I wine or pout it. Makes her angry and increases my punishment.
  4. My er calls pouting a attitude I'm not allowed to do it
  5. Im sorry sis yr right I should be helping you stay out of trouble and off some ones knees so here it is. A 12 day challenge of no bratting
  6. I volenteer Michgal my Sis who I love but is out of control with Bratting
  7. Hope your staying as cool as you can  SJE...Its been really hot in Arizona


  8. I have met the best people in here but anywhere yr going to meet shallow people hang in there
  9. Folks 52 years of my life I stayed close to my parents,yes I was a nurse but my mom was one too it was 2nd nature to me I'd go to work take care of people come home take care of my pets along with any other injured animals I teased with my parents some but not like most people tease.I'm autistic I struggle in 2 worlds this one and my autistic one.I'm also struggling with copd flat ups.after having and taking care of my parents for 52 years then to be suddenly alone can be scary but I survived its been 2 yrs I'm 54 so I'm learning how to tease pls be patient and don't jump on me like Zhal did ty



      I think its great your taking care of your Parents,,,

  10. @sis michgal yr fun to tease and hang out but I'm not following you in the lions den lol
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