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  1. SJE


    Hugs and welcome Rosey most of the people on here are good
  2. Life is a journey you make mistakes you move past them.I'm sitting here contemplating shutting off my mom's phone.But then I can't it would bring too much problems at my door. From my Neighbores.I don't want my Neighbores to know my mom passed 2 yrs ago.the only thing I can do is sell my house.I 1 neighbor is mad Cus I told him he can speak to me directly if he has a problem with me.I'm a loner I don't socialise with a lot of people.Journey is a passage of life.When I door closes another opens

    1. Wifey


      There is no timetable for mourning. If you aren’t ready to do it and can afford it then don’t and don’t feel bad. Take comfort wherever you can. 

  3. And life is a journey.when some doors are shut others are opened.I think my parents told me I was put on earth to take care of them as away for me to beat all my ilnesse only my mom knew I'd have Pycological problems after she passed away Cus I think she Reliesed they didn't prepare me for life after them.She did not want to leave me behind...but I'm surviving.The dam of rears I've held back for so long has broken and I think I needed it. Its like rain it cleanses you.I've faced tougher sicknesses then then what I'm feeling now .
  4. I was raised with a whole lot of love from my parents.They told me God gave me a purpose to be on this earth for them to take care of them when they get old.I did that for .y mom I held her in my arms as she went from this life to heaven.my dad I Diddnt get that chance Cus my stepmother jealousy.Yes I was a daddy and mommas girl and my bond with horses.I loved my parents unconditionally.My parents had a goal get me ready to take care of them and I didn't let anything stand stand in my way..my autism took back seat I was going to become a nurse and I did.it Hasent been a easy journey.By the grace of God I survive my mom dying in my arms,now what ? I found an after and it was while being in here that I found out my dad passed now What?What's my purpose I need a purpose Dutch said my purpose is to find my purpose. I want to understand how do I find it?So here This part of my Journey begins
  5. Lately everything has been out of wack.I changed my name a little bit not to hide my identity but to stop smart Alex remarks about my loving life.I'm blessed to be alive.I'm blessed to walk with a walker.I'm even Blessed to be spanked when I deserve it.Most of all I'm blessed to be on this site.I'm blessed on this site Cus of the people.Many of you have accepted me more then my family ty.I love this site,the people in it Most of all I'm blessed because of Shy,Child,Hope,Jaded,Honeybear99,Candyapplered,Minnie,Sbg,Cowboy,Poet,Ms Mary,underpants down,Badboybilly34,Mspank,Setn,Becka,Jaded,Slyspy77,Zhev,Spankeegal,And a whole lot of others ty!!

    1. SJE


      And ty to Michgal who's a good sister and good sport

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