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  1. just curious if there are any spankers on this site that live in wisconsin ?
  2. i’m 23 and my girlfriend is 25 when i first approached her about wanting a FLR she was all for it , it took her some time to get used to the role but she was quick on developing a technique when it came to her spankings. the issue we was dealing with that i wasn’t playing my part i wasn’t doing my best to stay in my place and live my role there was many times where she was displaying her authority and if i didn’t agree with the reason i was being disciplined i would argue and try talk my way out of it or i would get attitude towards her and that wasn’t fair to her she was only doing what i’ve
  3. https://www.toolshedtoys.com/rascal-boneyard-spank-paddle.html. my Gf uses this rubber paddle on me often it’s not as loud but it does hurt and leave a nice sting for days after
  4. if you go the Spankingtube.com and look up “kimAlgood” i know she is in atlanta and spank very well
  5. me & my gf has be in a FLR for a little more then a year and trust me when i say i get spanked on a regular she’s only been able to make me cry twice since we decided to do FLR she never had me sobbing but definitely got me to the point where i had a nice river of tears coming down my face and i believe both times she made me cry she was scolding me during the spanking which is something she doesn’t do often but other that no one and i mean no one has been able to make cry during a spanking while i’ve been a adult i believe with us men it more of a mental emotional connection needed to bri
  6. i hate and i mean HATE when my girlfriend uses this paddle
  7. one of the main reasons that i’m spanked is for my attitude when i get upset or in the mist of a disagreement i have a bad habit of raising my voice & making slick / rude comments towards my Girlfriend and yesterday was one of those days where i just got beside myself and found myself bent over the couch for a very long spanking with a rubber paddle ,braided leather strap and the old fashioned belt..... lets just say it wasn’t comfortable to sit at work today and i laid on my side last night i know i’ll be watching my words and Tone in my voice when speaking with my Gf this week i honest
  8. hey guys i had to make another page for locked out my old one i’ve been around on the site for number of years off and on but i’m back looking to receive a good spanking for someone here in wisconsin
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