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  1. I think it's awesome you want to open up a discussion about this! I myself have major depressive disorder, have had it for 11 or 12 years now. I also have anxiety, ADHD, and just found out that I may also have dissociative disorder according to my psychiatrist, but she said I should go to counseling to get it verified (which it's near impossible to get into a counselor with everything going on). I also lost my brother to suicide back on April 23rd this year, so I know how important this subject is. Thank you for talking about your experiences and for trying to open a conversation about it all
  2. Even professionals should have one. If they dont then I do not recommend going to them, it's so dangerous. To refuse to allow a safe word in and of itself is unprofessional... if you were trying to advise or warn then I'd recommend something more along the lines of make sure you discuss safe words before meeting. If they refuse it then they shouldn't be spanking you..
  3. Also yes, we exist😊 but as it was mentioned before a lot of us are in a relationship or just unable too! We are definitely rare..🤷‍♀️
  4. This is such a dangerous thing to say! If you dont have an established trust and relationship(both nonsexual and sexual) with a person then safe words need to be a MUST! And if someone says they dont want a hard spanking the ER NEEDS TO RESPECT THIS!
  5. Mouth soaping is 8/10 effective for me 🤢 I hate it sio much, but its effective.. grounding also effective at about 7/10 for me
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