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  1. Jesus this game never ends does it... LMAO 126
  2. I HAVE FOUND AN APP. Some may already know bolut to those who don't know, there's an app called "Spankr" unfortunately I think its only in the playstore right now, but this app is amazing. You input all the implements you have and will calibrate them with the amount of pain and pleasure each gives you. Then you can click what type of session you want and it will direct you through a spanking. It is randomized but it will tell you before hand about how long the spanking will take (in increments of 4 min at a time) and what implements to have ready. The whole spanking will consist of a variety o
  3. Is this from a video? I'd love to find this video!
  4. 132.. I haven't had any spankings for along time.. husband actually told me basically no more.. sometimes I get him to give me a few swats during a sexual deal but.. its been rare.. so no, no discipline for me...
  5. Having a cold bottom before increases the pain a pretty large amount (at least for me) ice cube would work but maybe try more like an ice pack, similar to how you would handle icing an ankle, and then put cold water on top after icing if you want extra painful.. We don't want you to damage yourself by having your bum be too cold, but honestly its unlikely the ice will make you numb unless its directly applied( like full on ice cube on bare butt)
  6. I am responding to your post about if spanking is a sin.  I have come with the truth that spanking has always been a part of me ever since I was 15 years old and when I was spanked growing up my behavior definitely changed. As an adult it started around 20 and the more I see suppressed the desire the stronger it became. As I said that I have come to terms that spanking will always be a part of my genetic makeup. The issue now is my wife is a strict pentecostal and thinks it is perverted and sexual and because of her health conditions and mentopause is not interested in sex. How I fulfill my spanking needs is self spanking when I away from the house or she is away and I can find a secluded place to spank myself like the woods ECT.  Any suggestions on how to increase my self spanking experience and other ways to find the right kind of spanking partner without breaking my marriage vows and sinning against God!!

  7. Hey Wake Up HannahKae!!!  :D


  8. I found this article written on Cristian Domestic Discipline and I was curious as to everyone's thoughts on it. There is a part that mentions verses discussing punishment of children, so I just skipped those couple of sentences. I do not want any debate of that part. only the parts about spanking/discipline between spouses. https://www.gotquestions.org/Christian-domestic-discipline.html
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