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  1. thanks for the birthday wishes everyone
  2. He was a true legend who deserves to have his jersey retired
  3. Spanker1983


    I'm looking for a female spankee in the fort Wayne area who wants or needs a spanking
  4. I want to take this opportunity to wish all of my fellow veterans a very safe and happy Veterans Day thank you for your service to our great nation and your sacrifice for our rights
  5. Ruby was a good girl but she had a troubled past. She was raised to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday night but lately she has been skipping school and not going to church. She stopped trusting anyone except for her pastor. Pastor helps her keep accountable for her actions through bare bottom spankings. He's helped her kick drugs and alcohol even got her back on track with her education. One day pastor found Ruby in the mall when she was supposed to be in school. So pastor was upset with her and took her home and instructed her to come by his office the next day. The next day Ruby w
  6. Hey guys don't pick on shygurl like that she's a very nice person and one of my dearest friends
  7. I just turned 36 today so feel free to leave me some birthday wishes
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