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  1. Good evening. I'm a non-sexual spanker in VB. i do travel to your area fairly often, including this coming weekend (although I understand from your profile that next weekend would be too early for a meet-up). I'm 46 so I'm on the edge of your age gap window, but I look younger, lol. I'd like to hear from you, but in any event I wish you well. Stay safe!
  2. Hello. I’m in Virginia Beach. Depending on where In MD you’re located, I could help you.
  3. Hi, I’d love to chat with you. Send me a message.
  4. Hi Julie. You and I have chatted a little in the past. I’d love to hear from you again.
  5. Hi there. I’m in VB and I can give you what you need if you’re still looking.
  6. Hello there. I’m not too far away from you and I’d love to chat. Write me here iron Kik under the same name.
  7. I'm well, thank you. Do you still visit VA Beach?
  8. Hi there. You and I were talking for a while but you disappeared. How are you?
  9. Hi sherry, welcome aboard.
  10. Welcome! Boston is a great town. Hope you enjoy the site. Love your pic by the way .... if that’s you I’d love to spank you.
  11. @Jenna1220I love giving spankings with my belt. I agree, there’s something special about the ceremony of slowly unbuckling the belt and pulling it loudly from the loops ... snapping it in the air ... telling the girl to pull her pants and panties down and bend over the bed .... it really builds the anticipation of what’s coming. And of course the spanking itself hurts quite a bit. It’s a great way to spank a bad girl.
  12. I’m not a spankee, I’m a spanker, but I find it very interesting that people fear different implements. I knew one girl who was terrified of a switch/cane but could take a severe paddling with a paddle drilled with holes. Another girl was terrified of the wooden bath brush but loved to be caned. I even know a girl who will not take a hand spanking because she has a thing about being touched, but she’ll bare her bottom and bend over for a whipping with my belt. I hope we get some responses to this interesting question.
  13. Hi there.  I’m Bryan from Virginia Beach.   It’s always nice to meet a fellow spanker. ;) 

  14. Hi there. Thanks for following me.
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