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  1. Yes in my younger years, i just remember my mom beating my ass with a belt on the side of the road
  2. Yes but the nuns wouldnt have any knowledge of it being a fetish, i agree with you that it would be borderline unethical on the EE's end, but keep in mind, nobody would be following through with it, it would purely be for informative purposes.
  3. GODDAMNIT i never pressed publish or finished or whatever, I was not done writnig/editing this fucking thing. I'm conduting this experiment with 30 nuns strictly to see if they will or will not comply and their reasons for their responses. Does this seem interesting to anyone else?
  4. The vatican is a strange institution.....(and that is an understatement) so I thought that they would be pretty adept to the idea of prescribing and dishing out corporal punishment. Afterall, I am technically in good standing with the catholic church (even though I'm an atheist and have not been to church in decades)...... Speaking of which, the only senior nazi to be excommunicated ffom the church was Joseph Gobelels, and he was excommunicated for the unforgivable and heartless crime of marrying a protestant..... Yes that is true, look it up So anways, knowing how unconventional th
  5. I know the one you are talking about, I had contacted her before back in 2018 and she was very personable but I never had a chance to follow through with seeing her becaues shortly after the initial phone call I was laid off, but I know who you're referring to and it obviously was not her.
  6. I recently did one of those google searches you pray your family members never find out about - it was something along the lines of "Professional Disciplinarians near me" and "Where can I find someone I can pay to spank me". Surely enough, google had some pretty impressive listings which I went through at first, and I eventually decided on one because I know they have been around for a while (although I have not seen a page of unedited feedback/reviews.... Anyways, a lot of the people who offer these services require a downpayment for first timers, and that is understandable, I'm s
  7. Fair question, this is really a matter of "who has that kind of access to get it on demand whenever they wish." I guess technically speaking as consenting adults, no, no reason is warranted but, if that is the case, then one has to wonder why and whats the point. Regardless of peoples motivations and if they want to admit it or not, I submit that there is always a reason, whether it's for some behavior modiviation or some kink they're exploring or maybe they're just into submission and adrenaline, people always have their reasons. Also, I have something a big negative to say about one o
  8. Happy Valentine's day Ms. Mary, i hope you have a joyful and fulfilling one. ❤️

    1. Ms.Mary


      Thank you very much D8s9bedientMiboy.

  9. Why not just call it misogynistic domestic discipline? It doesn't seem fair that christianity should have a monopoly on it... Islam must feel left out
  10. Are those not a thing anymore? Or am I under a misapprehension?
  11. This whole infantile regression to diapers has always seemed (pardon me) incredibly fucking weird to me
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