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  1. Yes, but can you clarify what you mean by "intensity?"
  2. I felt pretty naive when i asked a hooker for this, omg she just smoked crack all night, cost me upwards of 400.00. I've never felt optimistic about it, quite the opposite actually.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends.... In regards to the surveilance state (exposed by Snowden) in June 2013, he stated his apprehension and fear that come from having such a system in place because eventually some new threat would emerge and the federal government would unilaterally expand their powers and then some new guy would take over (presumably authoritarian) and it will be turnkey tyranny. Sounds familiar doesnt it? Because it's happening right now, with covid, and with Biden. Oh well.... at least Mike Pence had time to shine.
  4. It's actually a rather thoughtful question - thanks for asking. Yes, now I am. At the time of that post, I was feeling rather disillusioned. However, I had wanted to stay off this site forever, unfortunately, I couldn't make it a month. Also, we can't delete our accounts on here..... Wow I keep re-reading that post, October was a bad month but I dont ever remember genuinely feeling like that, I sound like a whiney mopey self sabotaging teenager - something I mindfully try to avoid. Anyways, thanks for asking.
  5. I am sorry for wasting everyone's time. Im envious of the relationships you all have because they will elude me forever. I am so envious of everyone else on here.... I wouldn't want to talk to me either, i genuinely wish i had been aborted. If its possible to delete my shitty fucking stupid content then please do. I dont fit in here. Fuck
  6. Pearl Export w/16 in Zildjian crash, 14 in Zildjian crash, 14 in Sabian crash, 10 in Wuhan splash, double bass, I miss those drums.......... I never witnessed a spanking but.....I recently got this yamaha 88 key electric grand piano w/ synthesia....and synthesia is amazing
  7. Not yet but I most likely will in the next few weeks....it's 300/hr....yikes. It better be a six sigma spanking process for that much money
  8. Hello TinyTina, it's always a pleasure to see that Michigans spanking community is growing (I'm around ann arbor)
  9. What would you do if you were browsing people on the site and you came across someone who is unmistakably your relative or member of immediate family? I literally just remembered you can block people on here and i think i just answered my own question... but still curious what feedback others have
  10. Ah yes, it says something totally different when that stacked overlapped bar chart is under 100... it's a text box with an "if" formula written into it and tied to the calculations page.... Actually both of those two elements should go, they just clutter it and distract the reader from more meaningful metrics... anything like that is a good indication that a rookie made it. Top one i learned from LinkedIn learning files and the other two i learned on udemy, I'd say Udemy is better but for 30.00/month the premium features on LinkedIn are pretty good. I'm going to change some me
  11. Here are some dashboards I made. I rate them about a 4/10. Which one do you think is the best?
  12. LOL omg, thank you for commenting and btw, i was trying to think of a way to apply that quote about six sigma that's s something to the effect of "A stable process shifting 1.5 sigma in either direction from the process mean will produce defects at a rate of 2 per 1 million " and I was trying to think of something to apply it to in terms of spanking but.,.,...I can't. I'll gladly respect your wishes
  13. Notice! This will probably go down as the most brilliant literature ever written on this site and in a few years, it'll be common place for everyone to be demanding that their spankers process have a CpK value of at least 1.67! Actually....I'm very aware that this will most likely be considered the most pointless and boring post ever made on here.... I also just realized I should have used Cp Upper but it's fine, it wont matter for the sake of this example..... Find out if your spanking ability is not capable, potentially capable, adequate, proficient, or six sigma status with the follo
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