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  1. You are not that far away i would be willing to travel for this after some discussion and getting to know each other.
  2. Birthday is less than a month away and im hoping to be over some peoples knees !!
  3. Would like to hear what wood is best for paddles and if there is a paddle or type that you recommend for a more thud feeling less stingy? TIA.
  4. Good luck to you I’m sure it’s definitely a possibility, as to I want the same but I’m younger wanting older woman .
  5. I’ve always heard Chinese females generally can lay down a pretty severe spanking.
  6. I’d say my fav F/M spanking would be Audrey relentlessly spanked is the video on Spankingtube. I can’t wait to go across her knee and get my butt blistered.
  7. Looking for male spanker I’ve never been spanked would like to chat and maybe set something up.
  8. No prob not. would you spank a family member that was an adult if they asked if it was for disciplinary actions ?
  9. Curious as to what’s the best or your favorite position for each implement ?
  10. I’d love to have my very first over her knee with that hand and paddle!!
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