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  1. I understand that. But the consent is there. The submissive partner has CONSENTED to be spanked by their dominant. It's not about the consent, but more about the situation. This makes sense. But..wouldn't that take away the control/power from the dominant? Would that mean that the relationship is driven by the submissive at the base level? Thanks for your inputs.
  2. What if, the submissive partner, feels he/she was unjustly disciplined by their dominant? I understand clear communication is important, but difference of opinion happens. Even thought the submissive partner *wants* and submits to their dominant, there must be situations where they disagree over if a spanking is deserved or not. So what happens then? Does the submissive partner eventually gives in because it is ultimately not their choice since they CHOSE to submit? This can be a HoH/TiH relationship, or a mentor/mentee relationship etc. Assuming there is a dominant and a submissive partner in a relationship, what are your thoughts on the "disagreements over the justification behind a spanking/discipline/punishment?"
  3. I feel the same, ofcourse on the opposite end of the spectrum. Nothing beats a firm maternal hand!!
  4. This is not the way to look for suitable spankers. Most female spankers are generally subjected to tons of messages and requests from the outnumbered male spankees. So unless we have something special to offer them , the chances are we will just be ignored. The best way is to participate in the forums, get to know one another, eventually let time decide whether or not a real meeting is possible. I understand the need, but in my opinion, you will not receive much response in this way even if some female spanker comes across this.
  5. It's quite funny when people who have no business poking around in my life suddenly pretend to care and give me advice on how to live in my own life. "Here's your nose, I found it poking around in my business"-some random quote which I might use sometime when it happens.
  6. I don't think the embarrassment during a spanking is something to enjoy. I'm pretty sure I'd be sorry for disappointed my spanker which have led to the situation in the first place. And being embarrassed, is not something I would voluntarily get myself into. But certainly, the discomforts(it could be physical, mental, emotional) caused by embarrassment and the feeling of disappointing my spanker will act just as well as a deterrent like the actual spanking does.
  7. Oh great. Okay. What you do with another consenting adult is none of my business. But I did have to "assume" it was a fantasy because you mentioned the children were in the living room seeing your spanking. I guess I'm not just sure how I feel about that. Oh wait, I do know. I feel that's way too much, a spanking if earned can happen in private away from children. But as I said, it's none of my business. So, thank you for the clarification anyway.
  8. Am I the only one who feels this incident appears to be a over the top fantasy?
  9. This is certainly true. A few basic etiquette and quality of standards must be held by the disciplinarian at all times. Do you feel that can be a burden at times? Especially during testing situations?. Here's my opinion. I don't think they need to follow the same specific rules as their mentee. Is that right? The rules are kept in accordance with the needs of the mentee alone and the disciplinarian has no need for them. And also, even disciplinarians are people. And it is only natural for them to lose their patience from time to time. No one is perfect all the time after all. But having the liberty to discuss the issues with them privately can help in forming a healthy relationship.
  10. Lol. Why not? This forum is all about healthy discussions buddy. Keep posting whenever you want to.
  11. I never said that. That was mentioned in the very second line of my point. I clearly said I just felt for a first time session, I assumed that different implements will be used and the tolerance, limits, what works and what doesn't work will be noted. I was only talking about my assumption of a first spanking. Which is why what he said doesn't "sound" right to me. Just because I think that doesn't mean he didn't get a good session. He might have got exactly what he asked for. It just hugely varies from my opinion and assumption of a first time session.
  12. My assumption about a first time spanking session with someone is that both parties involved figure out what works and what doesn't. The Spanker learns about the limits and tolerance of his/her spankee. The spankee learns how each implements feels and what he/she dreads the most and what might be the most effective implement for them. So when I read that this first session spanking rather than figuring out the limits and safety measures, the spanker seem to have directly indulged in a spanking "pushing the limits" of the spankee. I was surprised that someone would want that in a first time session. Since there is no way a spanker can just know the limit of his/her spankee by just looking at them for the first time. And I don't know anyone is that good in reading the body language the very first time to accustom the spanking to the reactions of the spankee.
  13. It certainly gathers my attention anywhere it is used irrespective of the context. I think it's natural because when we have a deep interest in something, it is only natural for us to be attracted towards that "something" every time we come across it in real life. Am I embarrassed to say it? I don't think I am. But then, I rarely ever say it ( I actually do not recollect ever saying it in a conversation) because "spank", "spanking", "spanked" are not common words that pop up in an every day conversation.
  14. Wait. This is your first session and your spanker started off with a belt and paddle? Something doesn't sound right here.
  15. I assume this is your first meeting with him. And in that case, you need a safe word because no matter how experienced he is, everyone has a different tolerance on different days even.He can't judge your tolerance by comparing it with his previous spankees. A safe word will not only make the spanking session safe, it will also give you more confidence and trust with the spanker. You can always increase the intensity as the session progresses or as you get to know him better, but safety is always the first priority.
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