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  1. Pros: 1) This is a completely free spanking forum which makes it an easily accessible resource. 2) The sheer amount of content and discussions coming from experienced and novices alike is easily one of the best learning resources about spanking I have found on the internet. 3) Keeping the complaints about the chat glitches aside, the moderators of this site are doing a wonderful job in making sure that no inappropriate behaviour is encouraged. There are many sites out there without any kind of regulation and it's disgusting to see them. Presence of moderators who care about the site and who work hard to enhance the user experience even without any financial gains is a huge asset for this site. Cons: 1) The lack of verification process for the members while joining the site. While I feel the best way to verify would be validate the phone number of members, I understand this might become a privacy issue as well. Even though I feel this is a valid idea, I am not sure even if I would've joined the site if a mobile verification was necessary. Nevertheless, some kind of verification process in place would definitely improve the quality of members. 2) The constant lag in the chatroom can get tiring for those who are looking for a conversation. I do not enter the chat room very often, so personally, this is not a big for me.
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