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  1. Very interesting response and I totally get where you are coming from.
  2. I totally get it when a guy says they aren't sexual for him and does it with both males and females. I just don't get it when a guy claims they are 100% non sexual and he will only take or give a spanking to a female. Your story sounds very interesting!
  3. When I talk about them being sexual I don't mean just having actual intercourse. I mostly just mean they turn you on. You mention them being cathartic and there being a level of intimacy with a female that you wouldn't feel with a male. That sounds like they are sexual for you. In that case it makes sense why you wouldn't spank a guy if you are straight. I just don't understand the need to get our panties in a was explaining how they are cathartic and intimate, but definitely not sexual (not saying that you are necessarily doing that, just talking about a ton of guys in general).
  4. It makes sense to me how someone who is straight could feel that spankings are not sexual if they do spankings with guys and girls. I just don't buy these guys who say they aren't sexual but would only ever do it with women or haven't ever done it with a guy before.
  5. So then why couldn't you have this same experience with a guy?
  6. I think some people are parsing words here. Like maybe it is nonsexual in the sense that you aren't having sex right afterwards, but surely her butt being exposed for you to spank arouses you sexually in some way... Right?
  7. I have a hard time believing comments like this. On Sunday you commented on another thread and said the following: " But yes if given the choice there is something very aesthetically pleasing about a nice, full bottom that would make a woman with full hips and thighs my first choice to spank. I would say that as far back as I can remember, when looking at women, I'm not really attracted to breasts like most men seem to be, my eyes go first to the hips, thighs, and stomach areas." So you don't find bottoms to be "sexually arousing" just "aesthetically pleasing". Why can't you just admit you get turned on by spanking sexy bottoms? And if it is emotionally rewarding and makes you feel good, why only spank women and not men? Seems like men could give you the same emotional rewards.
  8. Looking forward to your elaboration. That is cool that you have experienced spanking guys and girls. I certainly understand why a straight guy would prioritize spanking girls with limited time.
  9. I don't really understand that. Like how are bare bottom spankings not primarily sexual. And how are they caring and personal?
  10. I don't log into this site every day. Just getting back to all these posts and trying to respond to most of them now. What else did you want to add?
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