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  1. I haven't found a belt on it's own very succesful. The idea of a strap or belt on a fixed wooden handle as mentioned by Humblebutt is worth trying. 
    A few years ago I fixed a long leather loop (part of an old guitar strap) 1 inch wide approx 16 inches long and perhaps 7-8 inches long looped to a shortish riding crop. That was quite satisfying, but the leather loop kept flying off every few strokes. Worth trying that again with a more permanent fixing I think. 

  2. Well if I discount my friend and I whipping each other with stalks of wild rhubarb when we were about 7 years old, which incidentally is when I discovered that I quite liked the sensation of being spanked, then it's the time I asked a friend to give me 6 with a bamboo cane, I was 18 by this time.

    But the first implement that my long term partner used on me was the Riding crop. I bought it at a tack shop for just that purpose. It's the only time she has spanked me. She was a keen horse rider, and in later years took up riding again, buying all the gear, seeing her in riding gear with her collection of riding crops was enough to make me go weak at the knees. Sadly a back injury has meant she has had to give up riding, she still has the gear though. I live in hope of my bottom being reacquainted with one of those riding crops.

  3. My Mother had these slippers with foam soles, she never spanked me with them but as I got into self-spanking at a young age I tried them out, and found them rather weak. My father died when I was very young, and my interest in spanking was piqued from hearing friends describe their slipper spankings from their fathers, something I could only imagine. Also seeing comics such as the Beano etc, which often depicted someone getting the slipper. At junior school I only ever received hand spankings, on the bottom or the backs of the legs, the bare bit between shorts and socks.

    Roll on to senior school and the weapon of choice of most masters was the Dap. Dap being a regional name for a gym shoe. I've read that the term Dap or Daps came from the manufacturer description, Dunlop All-Purpose Shoe. The PE teacher used them very effectively, having a swiping slicing action. I saw this a few times during lessons, but was never on the receiving end. He would ask the recipient to remove one of their daps, tell them to bend over, and administer a few wallops. It was rumoured that he had a size 13 Dap in his office, a dread for those being summoned to his office.

  4. It could well be piriformis syndrome. I've had sciatica on and off over the years, and piriformis syndrome. It can flare up after a bit of play. Unfortunately the only therapy for me was to rest, and not play for a while. Capsaicin can help, both to simulate a spanking and for pain relief, strange as that may seem. It's good to have a medical excuse to use it in that area. It might be a good idea to seek medical help or advice. Although it sounds like piriformis syndrome might be responsible, it's always best to check with a health care professional.

  5. I made a basic mechanical aid with a door closer, a piece of 3x1 approx 18 inches long to attach it to, affix cane, other implements might work but the cane is light and has a long reach. Clamp the wood in a vice, pull back on the closer arm and release. 
    It worked fairly well, and easily dismantled. The spring mech inside the cylinder needed winding up to full tension from time to time, and I found I needed to use it at full force to get the desired thwack. I gave up in the end. But have thought of giving it another go sometime.

    simple door closer


  6. I would like to get a decent riding crop. I used to have a nice eegee whip riding crop, which had just the right sort of whip/flex, and a nice smallish leather flapper (not sure what to call it) at the business end.

    My partner used to go horse riding and brought home several riding crops, there was one i particularly liked, again it had nice whip and bite, but it went on walkabout, or should I say ride about. 

    I've been looking at some online, and have a hankering to buy one... a pity I can't try before buy, so will have to take pot luck.

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  7. I 've never heard of a Saturn return date. Looking it up and letting a website, do the calculations, it seems I've just emerged from the return. from 2017 to dec. 2020. 
    l'm not sure what it could possibly refer to, it has been a period of contraction and limitations. And now for the next phase, I feel a little more content with life and at ease with what I have and who I am. But I'll probably feel different about that by tomorrow.

  8. On 2/6/2021 at 5:48 PM, Bramblewine said:

    I was curious about that because I now have a theory that Jupiter is somehow prominent in spankos' birth charts. If you really did have a bucket chart and Jupiter were the handle planet, it would be all too neat. But, it rarely is that neat.

    It does look to me like, based on the age and sun sign combinations I'm seeing in this thread, Jupiter/sun sextiles, trines, and conjunctions, at least by sign, are very common for us. Ee, Er, or switch, it doesn't matter, but those connections seem to be showing up more often than not. Where it doesn't show up, I still suspect there's a Jupiter connection, just not where sun sign would reveal it.

    You've piqued my curiosity, and I've spent quite a few hours this week reading up and studying my chart.
    Jupiter in my chart is pretty much on it's own, only one aspect and that's a trine with Venus, it's a weak trine too. Mars and Venus are conjunct (3 degrees) but Mars is out of range for a trine with Jupiter.

    Looking at my chart and the interpretations from the online site cafeastrology.com there is one aspect which could be an indicator to a spanko inclination. I have Mars (and Venus) square with Neptune. So although Mars isn't trine Jupiter, it's conjunction with Venus modulates the Venus Jupiter trine, and similarly both being square with Neptune affects the Jupiter trine. Jupiter and Neptune both in Scorpio, and Mars and Venus in Leo, according to traditional charts. Most interpretations suggest the square between Mars and Neptune to be a troublesome combination ... hehe...

    There are so many variables when taking into account the planets (inc moon and sun), the signs, the houses, the ascendant, midheaven, the nodes, part of fortune, that just about any human trait can be reflected upon. For me this makes interpretation so so difficult and interesting. Constructing a chart is relatively easy, it's the interpretation I find difficult. It's a good tool for reflection though.

    Studying my chart again I do have a bucket shape, and like my partner, Saturn is the handle. The chart I looked at previously  (astro-charts.com) had greater detail including Chiron, and the northern and southern nodes, part of fortune, and with all the aspect lines I got a little befuddled by it. Saturn is in Capricorn and the XI house.

    I did find my old chart, scribbled on the back cover of an astrology book. I'm surprised how accurate it is compared to the online charts, I always doubted it's accuracy as it was constructed using a shortened ephemeris, with quite a bit of guesstimation involved.

    I'm not sure why Astrology interests me, you're more likely to find me gazing through a telescope these days,  but I do like Greek and Roman mythology. I have my old school spanko Latin teacher to thank for that.

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  9. 15 hours ago, Bramblewine said:

    What's your handle planet?

    Apologies are in order. It's over 40 years ago since I constructed my birthchart, I couldn't remember what my handle planet was and I couldn't find my birthchart. So I used an online birth chart generator and I don't have a bucket chart at all. All the planets are within 210 degrees. It is my partners chart that has a bucket distribution, her handle planet is Saturn. 
    I'll have another look for my old birthchart to compare it with the online one, I wonder how many other mistakes made.
    And there ends my smartass to fool transformation...  

  10. I agree with you Needing correction. A Dragon rattan cane is quite exceptional. I bought one 33inches long, with a neat crook handle and at just 8mm looked quite puny when I first saw it. However I soon realised it was quite different to the Kooboo canes I had tried. It only has 2 internodes/knuckles and one of those is in the crook handle. it is surprisingly stiff and springy, I thought it would be extremely flexible being so thin, but no, not at all. It has a unique penetrating bite.
    I thought of calling it Norman, after Norman 'bites yer legs' Hunter (ex-Leeds Utd defender from the 60 and 70s) 

    My Kooboo cane is at least 10mm thick, possibly a little more than that, it has 6 or 7 internodes, and is very flexible, it also feels lighter, and doesn't pack the same intense bite as the Dragon. I didn't like the nodes so much, they gave it a wonky looking appearance. So I covered it in fetching pink heat-shrink tubing, which has covered up the nodes and given it more weight and diameter. Better thud, but nowhere near the intense bite of the Dragon.

    I've also tried a kooboo cane which had been sanded, removing the outer skin and revealing the inner fibres, centre cane I believe it is called. It was smooth, at least 12 mm diameter, incredibly light and flexible, and with very little thud or bite. It started to disintegrate in quite short time. I believe centre cane needs to be soaked before each use to prevent breakage and give it more weight, but I found even doing this quite unsatisfactory. It was 32 inches long but is now no more than 18 inches. It could be used OTK if I had a willing partner to administer such a spanking.

    Rattan Canes it seems have quite individual personalities.

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  11. There's 22 days left to see P'tang yang kipperbang on channel 4. It might only be viewable in the UK, but I'm sure there must be ways around that.
    The caning scene is fairly early on, first 15 minutes I think

    Some great lines from the Headmaster and the cricketing commentary of it is priceless.


  12. There are a couple of films that I have seen over the last 40 years or so that have had fairly realistic caning scenes
    There's the rather bizarre film 'If' which is set in an English Public school (actually private fee paying boarding school) where 3 of the rebellious senior boys are caned by the prefects. It takes place in the Gym, the first 2 canings are heard rather than seen, but the main protagonist's caning, played by Malcolm McDowell, is shown in part. It's a rather brutal caning, but apparently typical of the way canings were meted out in certain Public schools. It can be found on Youtube.

    Another Public school caning is seen in the film, 'Another Country' which is a dramatisation of ex-spy and defector, Guy Burgess, set in the 1930s at Eton College. He finally, after several warnings, is summoned for a caning, and gets the customary 6 of the best. I've read that this is a fairly accurate portrayal of the canings at Eton, and once again it's the prefects (the gods) dishing out the punishment. Sadly no longer on Youtube.

    I think my favourite though has to be the 'Sergeant' (3 stripes) given to the main character, Duckworth, in the film " P'tang yang kipperbang ". There's a fair bit of humour and some fabulous cut commentary from the poet and cricket commentator, John Arlott, throughout the ... ahem .. ordeal. I cannot find this on youtube anymore, but it was on TV the other week, Film 4. So for those in the UK it might be worth looking it up on 'All 4'.

    It reminds me so much of my school days in the 60s and 70s. I had a cricket mad English teacher who threatened me with the Dap (South-West UK term for a Gym Shoe) and the cane on numerous occasions, usually accompanied by cricketing references.
    Another teacher was the spitting image of the Whacko character played by Jimmy Edwards. A big burly rotund fellow with a handlebar mousetache, who seemed to revel in tales of spankings. But it was all bluster, he was really quite a kindly fellow, just liked to play the part. Barking mad. Thinking back, I'm sure he must have been a spanko.

  13. I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first tried this. It wasn't very successful,  I had had a couple of spankings from the Headmistress, and they weren't as bad as I had feared, in fact my abiding recollection was that she had soft hands. However. what prompted the self-spanking experiment was a game I played with a childhood friend, we were playing down by the river bank, and I can't remember how it came about but we ended up whipping each other with stalks of wild rhubarb. I actually enjoyed it, the heat in my buttocks which persisted the next day. I guess I was turned on by it. Anyway to cut this long story short, in an attempt to recreate that feeling, I tried spanking myself with the long wooden handle of a sink plunger. It didn't work too well, too thick and that big rubber bell at the end made it cumbersome. I soon progressed to using the backs of hairbrushes, and a really nice long handled clothes brush that used to reside in the Hallstand drawer. They were far more effective in reproducing warm red buttocks.

  14. I find it easy to use a rattan cane, full-size 33inch. I have long arms, my armspan is a good 8.5 inches longer than my height. I use the wrist flick method while bending over. After 50 odd years of practice, I'm pretty good at it, but only with my right arm. Using my left arm the strokes can get a bit wayward. I need more practice. Wanting to alter the side to even things up a bit I thought about a spanking machine, in fact I've fantasised about owning a spanking machine since adolescence.
    Anyway to cut a long story short, I recently made a very rudimentary spanking mechanical aid, from a door closer and some scrap wood 3x1 approx 18 inches in length. which can then be fixed into a handipersons workmate.

    The door closer is approx 1 inch diameter and 3-5 inch long cylinder type, the 1 spring version is 3 inch, and the 2 spring 5 inch. I bought the 1 spring version, the 2 spring might be better. there's a rotating collar between the cylinder housed springs with a bar attachment, which is the door closing actuator. The spring tension can be adjusted by turning in the opposite direction to the closing direction. I found it would wind up 3-4 rotations. Attach a cane to closing bar and position for best delivery, pull back the bar/cane combo, approx 200 degrees and let go... It works and can give a decent wallop but is fiddly to set up, and the spring loses tension after a while so needs to be re tensioned from time to time. The swing radius is rather limited, a longer bar to affix the cane to might be better. I added some padding (foam) to the point at which the bar strikes the wooden upright at the end of the swing, just to prevent damage to the closing bar/cane combo and cut down the noise.
    I haven't used it for a while, I can give as good with the wrist flick, if only on one side. 

  15. Just watched 'The Last Kingdom' ep2 season 4. 
    About 10 mins in there's a Monk in a whorehouse asking to be whipped harder. It's viewed through the bars of the door so only a brief glimpse. 
    It did allow me to broach the subject with my partner, "that looks like fun" Says I ...  she made no comment...

  16. A bit of a mix lately, some Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics II ,  the ocassional dash of early Slade, and quite a bit of the Super Furry Animals (SFA) 

    I think some here might enjoy this vid by Gruff Rhys (singer and guitarist for SFA) "Sensations In The Dark" ... takes a few seconds to get going with an interesting scene at around 1.09 ..

    (not sure how to post thee vid, so link only.. i think..)


  17. At times I find the self-spanking quite relieving, it feels like a purge, and I'm fairly convinced I crave the endorphin rush. I thought i had resolved my feelings about spanking, and that I was content with self-spanking, knowing that in my partner wasn't interested in spanking me. Now I'm not so sure. I feel lost, for the first time in quite a while. I think I will have a break from self-spanking, the frustration I feel about not being able to share this lifestyle is becoming difficult to handle.

    Sorry I've not really ansered your questions. 

    when I self-spank, I tend to use the cane, sometimes as hard as i can muster, but short series of sixes. Other times I find a gentler stingy series of many light strokes more satisfying. It depends on my state of mind and state of physical health. I have a few long-term health problems so need to take those into consideration before I leather myself.


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  18. My partner once consented to giving me a riding crop spanking (about 30 years ago, how time flies) , she gave me a good dozen whacks, and at one point seemed to be teasing me by rubbing it up and down on my buttocks, I thought she was getting into it a bit. But just as I was getting there, beginning to enter subspace I suppose, and wanting more, she stopped. It was good though, a very different dynamic from the self-spanking. I was quite surprised to find that she wasn't getting into it at all, and like someone else said above, seemed a little psychologically disturbed by it. 
    Later, a few months or so. I asked again, but no, it was definitely not going to be repeated. She's a good partner, friend, and lover, and I don't like to see her upset.

    She has found my rattan cane on occasion, and always seems surprised that it's so bendy and swishy, so maybe she has flexed it a bit and maybe tried a few taps on herself. She described it as being 'lethal'. I can think of many adjectives but lethal is not one I'd use.

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