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  1. I 've never heard of a Saturn return date. Looking it up and letting a website, do the calculations, it seems I've just emerged from the return. from 2017 to dec. 2020. l'm not sure what it could possibly refer to, it has been a period of contraction and limitations. And now for the next phase, I feel a little more content with life and at ease with what I have and who I am. But I'll probably feel different about that by tomorrow.
  2. ""Well, we're always free to interpret "troublesome" combinations in a positive way... "" Exactly... 😊 The good thing today is that free natal charts are at the fingertips, no more ploughing through tables, and head scratching calculations, just plug in place date and time, and there's chart with one interpretation, which is probably not the only one. All good fun.
  3. You've piqued my curiosity, and I've spent quite a few hours this week reading up and studying my chart. Jupiter in my chart is pretty much on it's own, only one aspect and that's a trine with Venus, it's a weak trine too. Mars and Venus are conjunct (3 degrees) but Mars is out of range for a trine with Jupiter. Looking at my chart and the interpretations from the online site cafeastrology.com there is one aspect which could be an indicator to a spanko inclination. I have Mars (and Venus) square with Neptune. So although Mars isn't trine Jupiter, it's conjunction with Venus modulates th
  4. Apologies are in order. It's over 40 years ago since I constructed my birthchart, I couldn't remember what my handle planet was and I couldn't find my birthchart. So I used an online birth chart generator and I don't have a bucket chart at all. All the planets are within 210 degrees. It is my partners chart that has a bucket distribution, her handle planet is Saturn. I'll have another look for my old birthchart to compare it with the online one, I wonder how many other mistakes made. And there ends my smartass to fool transformation...
  5. Gemini, and I like to play both sides, but with no one else to play with, I take on both roles as a selfie, both ee and er... And for those into astrology I'm also a bucket.
  6. I agree with you Needing correction. A Dragon rattan cane is quite exceptional. I bought one 33inches long, with a neat crook handle and at just 8mm looked quite puny when I first saw it. However I soon realised it was quite different to the Kooboo canes I had tried. It only has 2 internodes/knuckles and one of those is in the crook handle. it is surprisingly stiff and springy, I thought it would be extremely flexible being so thin, but no, not at all. It has a unique penetrating bite. I thought of calling it Norman, after Norman 'bites yer legs' Hunter (ex-Leeds Utd defender from the 60 and
  7. There's 22 days left to see P'tang yang kipperbang on channel 4. It might only be viewable in the UK, but I'm sure there must be ways around that. The caning scene is fairly early on, first 15 minutes I think Some great lines from the Headmaster and the cricketing commentary of it is priceless. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/ptang-yang-kipperbang
  8. There are a couple of films that I have seen over the last 40 years or so that have had fairly realistic caning scenes There's the rather bizarre film 'If' which is set in an English Public school (actually private fee paying boarding school) where 3 of the rebellious senior boys are caned by the prefects. It takes place in the Gym, the first 2 canings are heard rather than seen, but the main protagonist's caning, played by Malcolm McDowell, is shown in part. It's a rather brutal caning, but apparently typical of the way canings were meted out in certain Public schools. It can be found o
  9. I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first tried this. It wasn't very successful, I had had a couple of spankings from the Headmistress, and they weren't as bad as I had feared, in fact my abiding recollection was that she had soft hands. However. what prompted the self-spanking experiment was a game I played with a childhood friend, we were playing down by the river bank, and I can't remember how it came about but we ended up whipping each other with stalks of wild rhubarb. I actually enjoyed it, the heat in my buttocks which persisted the next day. I guess I was turned on by it. Anyway to c
  10. I find it easy to use a rattan cane, full-size 33inch. I have long arms, my armspan is a good 8.5 inches longer than my height. I use the wrist flick method while bending over. After 50 odd years of practice, I'm pretty good at it, but only with my right arm. Using my left arm the strokes can get a bit wayward. I need more practice. Wanting to alter the side to even things up a bit I thought about a spanking machine, in fact I've fantasised about owning a spanking machine since adolescence. Anyway to cut a long story short, I recently made a very rudimentary spanking mechanical aid, from a d
  11. Just watched 'The Last Kingdom' ep2 season 4. About 10 mins in there's a Monk in a whorehouse asking to be whipped harder. It's viewed through the bars of the door so only a brief glimpse. It did allow me to broach the subject with my partner, "that looks like fun" Says I ... she made no comment...
  12. A bit of a mix lately, some Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics II , the ocassional dash of early Slade, and quite a bit of the Super Furry Animals (SFA) I think some here might enjoy this vid by Gruff Rhys (singer and guitarist for SFA) "Sensations In The Dark" ... takes a few seconds to get going with an interesting scene at around 1.09 .. (not sure how to post thee vid, so link only.. i think..) https://youtu.be/IBg_h9kmRhk
  13. I've not found Dowel rods to be any good. They have a tendency to break quite easily, and break in such a way that they have a sharp jagged point. If you can, get a good rattan cane. Rattan canes come in various length, thicknesses and densities. My preference is for medium thickness, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch, medium density and a good length about 30-32 inches. Kooboo rattan will most likely fit that description. I'm not keen on canes that have been skinned, although they are smooth, if sanded, they tend to dry out quickly and easily break. Well the one I had did. It was light weight and l
  14. I have an earworm after reading everyone's replies. From The Police, Message In A Bottle, .... "Seems I'm not alone at being alone" Here's to hoping that we all get out needs met, life's too short for loneliness. '
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