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  1. A- If you're serious about it, I'm surprised you can't find a spanking in Pitt....that's one of the biggest "spank towns" I know of!!!!
  2. an adult family member spanking an adult is going to be really rare but it is out there.....and it's no secret that there are parents out there that even though they spanked kids as discipline w no lascivious motives were still spankos and enjoyed it....you could see how they'd be open to it ESPECIALLY if the adult child is ASKING for it
  3. Flog- agreed it's a pretty complex dynamic when it comes to adults...in that case it is and does need to be a "consensual" agreement......what i don't think you're appreciating is even when that is the case, don't kid yourself it can still be COMPLETELY "real"....think of a genuine DD (domestic discipline) relationship where the one realized that they are just wired in such a way that spanking and discipline works for them (the spankee), so once the agreement is reached between them that they both want and feel it should be incorporated into their relationship and they then go live there regul
  4. Spanking attitudes and punishments are ABSOLUTELY regional! The major metros, most specifically the northeast and California were the first to become overly PC and all of a sudden spanking a child became "abusive". Today spanking is still more prevalent in the south, areas of the midwest and back down through texas. and as a result parents will do what they know, remembering how beneficial the spankings were for them as a kid and will do for their kids out of love and wanting them to be happy...and hell, just look at the comment earlier in this thread that the sister would rather get the paddl
  5. and no doubt to this day you wish you had made some comment to the Mom, right? How many times have you played in your head that at some point when you found yourself alone w/ her you innocently asked something along the lines of....."did you really mean it when you told me that i need to do as I'm told by you? it's not like you'd ever spank ME would you????'....
  6. That's awesome. Congrats. Happy to hear when couples have that break through moment.
  7. Hi. We're kinda close. Had any luck? Yeah Philly isn't a huge "spank city" like some other parts of the country are.
  8. Already been covered here a couple times.....gentlemanliness and being a disciplinarian are not mutually exclusive. From my experience both giving and getting "bruises"...lol....I don't know that you can focus so exclusively on the marking without taking into account the discipline that was given and wanted by the spankee. Also if it was disciplinary...what was the offense. If its from sheer play then that's predetermined by the 2 and it is what it is. Me personally....yeah there's going to be some random marking from a real spanking, which i like.
  9. Cali.....think you might have misunderstood my question. I was wondering if that was the real punishment spanking that she was going to get for what she did given they are in a real life DD relationship, and he just happened to tape it.....or was it a spanking they did for the purpose of making a video.
  10. Tenn? I'm starting a work project in memphis soon...be spending a lot of time there...i do a lot of biz in the south...great people....also seem more at home w spanking....think it is still more of an accepted practice to an extent, not such a foreign concept
  11. So do you think they were "making a video".....or do you think that was REAL punishment for what they were alluding to and he just happened to tape it?
  12. Does it make me a bad person that i had to break out....... the Kleenex 😆.
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