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  1. Sometimes I like a 3 to 4 inch butt plug put in before I am to be spanked. Adds a little spanko variety. Makes my cheeks spread a little to be a fuller target for my spankER (my ass is really broad enough lol) and makes me feel good as my naughty bottom is soundly smacked. Yup, if u have not tried it, do so. Use certified lube though.
  2. Got off easy compared to your other whoopins, huh?
  3. SpankmeOTKRon

    over bed1.jpg

    LOL Done by OTKpantsdown49 on here almost a year ago. Time flies. Loved it. Bruises lasted for 11 days or so. We have tried to hook up again but virus has screwed things up....so we proceed. Shame u in CA or I'd give u a good bath brush OTK! LOL
  4. Just curious. Did u get spanked?
  5. I am living in the worst county hit by the virus in New Jersey....Bergen. I am no spring chicken anymore either so I am hunkering down in my home "bunker" and waiting the dam thing out. What has made it easier is I am able to work from home. The internet and TV have made it bearable. Also, I have plenty of "stuff" to look through, you know things u will look at later....well it is later. Setting up plenty of spankings when this is over so that is kinda neat too. If a quarter pan out, it will be time well spent.
  6. SpankmeOTKRon


    Lovely, thick body. Sure u don't spank too?
  7. SpankmeOTKRon


    Is that Alex Reynolds? Looks like her.
  8. I see spanking as non sexual from either sex. I prefer to be spanked OTK by females but they are hard to find so I entertain males to administer OTK bare bottomed spankings to me. In fact, more males have spanked me than females, no sex involved with either. But, that being said, any type of sex should be discussed before the spanking takes place. Both parties must agree as nothing sexual should be forced/demanded.
  9. SpankmeOTKRon


    Promises, promises......
  10. No except my friend who is part of my safety net and those who spank me or I spank know I am a spanko.
  11. Spankos on here and other sites who do not answer up to a simple "hi." How do I know u only spank women? U don't say it anywhere in your profile. Also those that don't say a word in the "about me" section. Tell me u only spank women here and I'll leave u alone. But mostly spankos that u spend time setting up a meet and greet and even a scenario and then go ghost. Say U have thought about it and its not feasible or that U r really into role play. Sadly, I have been guilty of bailing after thinking about the distance and cost involved in getting that spanking. But I have always told that person and in some cases suffered their wrath but so be it.
  12. Oh yes, sadly. My spanker has had to cancel visiting Northern New Jersey, reskeduled for?? A munch I was going to attend was cancelled. Reskedulled for??? I was looking forward to attending Boardwalk Badness in Atlantic City in April. Seriously doubt it will happen. Have met some folks to meet and greet for potential spankings and that is not happening. Meet in the future? And all the while my hiney becomes softer and softer. My self spanking sucks! Hope the lockdown ends soon. Stay safe out there. From my bunker!
  13. I have been procrastinating about cleaning my desk and have a dirty mouth, using too many curse words to include fuck. Now working from home and drowning in paper. I have belts, a wooden bath brush and spoon, and ivory soap.
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