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  1. He probably thought he was too old for a spanking. Now he knows to behave.
  2. And then, mommy's little stinger paddle will bring him to tears.
  3. lilsami


    Love the naughtyboy white underpants!
  4. Are (were) you wearing panties?
  5. At age 12, I was in the back seat being very sassy. My mother told me I was't too old for A SPANKING and it embarassed me. I kicked the back of the front seat my aunt was sitting in. My mother pulled over and blistered my bare bottom with my aunt's hairbrush. My aunt and cousin witnessed my paddling and I got back into the car crying. Now I really was embarrassed!
  6. I LOVE paddles and being paddled. I see several I would love being used on my bare hiney.
  7. Paddle on white, tight underpants. The perfect combination.
  8. Now that's a well-paddled fanny! A sitspot blistering!
  9. I like the teardrop shaped paddles like the old fli-back "bouncy ball" paddle. These are the ones moms often kept at the ready. Now, I make mine bigger and thicker, so they are real stingers, even on adult bottoms.
  10. A stingy wooden paddle on the sit spot for me.
  11. lilsami


    I would like to wear out the seat of your panties with a little fli-back paddle!
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