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  1. I appears spanking is good for fertility!"It was customary for men to use whips fashioned from the skins of a goat or dog to spank young maidens in order to increase fertility"https://www.theweek.co.uk/57294/valentines-day-spanking-secret-notes-and-strange-customs
  2. UKKnight

    Lock Down

    Bottom likes fine to me but I'm curious, were you falling asleep on the job?
  3. Not to make light of the original post (I endorse all what other have said already, red flags, try and distance yourself as soon as possible) but I think both sexes can learn about communication. I present in evidence "fine" and "go ahead". Neither of these that women use mean what men think they mean. Men aren't as deep as women, you need to say what you mean with men 🙂
  4. As I'm moving soon I thought it would be a good time to update the intro. I'm currently near Windsor (just of the M4 to the west of London) however I'm moving back up to the East Midlands area (ish). I'm looking to rent initially, so if anybody knows of somewhere available (ideally detached so not having to worry what the neighbours think!), please let me know. Rog
  5. UKKnight (surprisingly enough) https://ipunishment.com/profile/15673
  6. I'm currently near Windsor but moving soon, so who knows.
  7. Canada, too hot in Mexico for me, probably too cold in Canada too but they were the choices!!
  8. UK spankos, don't forget to join the UK club on here
  9. I married a vanilla when I couldn't find someone who wanted to be spanked. So I suppressed my desires for a few years. In reality, if it's in you it doesn't go away and ultimately it will be something you seek out. I don't know of anybody who has really suppressed it in the long-term.
  10. I had a period where I was working in Australia for a few months and really didn't expect to be meeting anyone. When I did stumble across someone who wanted to play I had to improvise really quickly. It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores if you have a kinky mind. As to the most strange, I did use nettles once (and the request of the spankee). I like the effect they had on her mentally, I didn't like the fact that I couldn't 'control' their impact. The harder the stroke was no indication of the amount of stings. In fact it seemed to be the opposite.
  11. I can vouch for the site. I use unique email addresses for every site I visit and I can confirm that the one I used there has never turned up for a different purpose. Ipun has recently had issues with their sign-up page (the gotcha apparently) so keep trying if you have issues.
  12. I think most people on here have felt alone at some point in their journey and questioned themselves. I am a little older than you and when I started out there was no internet so I felt I was likely the only person who had these desires. Regardless of lockdown, it's always good to take your time and think just what it is that you'd want to do and with whom. I have every sympathy for female spankees, especially so as they are even more obviously needing a solid foundation of trust. Good luck in your journey and I hope some spankees are able to give you their insight.
  13. For me it's too central to my being to imagine a relationship without it. So I gave up ever looking on vanilla dating sites (or places) as it was a needle in a haystack. I didn't want to fall for the girl and then find she wasn't interested or would go through the motions to please me. I want someone who wants/needs it as much as I do.
  14. I used to have the number plate R666 DOM Now have one with UKK in it instead
  15. Fetlife is great for event listing and the people profiles are extensive and most people do complete them (people here could learn a lesson!) It's not so good for finding people to play with as it's not set up as a dating site. Once you get over that bit it can be good as a well written email can have impact as it's not competing as one of hundreds like on dating sites.
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