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  1. firm spanker

    New here

    Good afternoon Sall546. I am a member here, on this site, and noticed your post. While not in Michigan, I am not that far away in London, Ontario, Canada, depending of course on what part of Michigan you are in. I'm also older than you, and very experienced. If you are interested, we could chat sometime or exchange a few emails.
  2. Mature man, experienced in administering spankings to women of different ages and different needs. If you are a woman somewhere near my location and are in need of a spanking, feel free to contact me. I have delivered lighter style spankings to women with bare hand and also very hard discipline style spankings using a variety of implements, along with most types of spanking in between. Everything is discussed beforehand and nothing happens until you are comfortable and ready. If you are not in this area, but wish to chat about spanking related topics, I am open to that as well.
  3. Hi there beatcheeks. I sent you a message. If you're interested, you can get back to me sometime.
  4. If you get down towards the London, Ontario area, I am available to help you out.
  5. 54 year old male living in London, Ontario is offering spankings to women. Physically I am in good shape. I can travel somewhat or entertain. Whatever your reasons, be it correction of behaviours, punishment for current or past actions or just stress relief, if you feel the need to be spanked you can contact me and we can discuss.
  6. I'm in London, Ontario and looking to give spankings. I can travel a bit if necessary.
  7. Are there clubs in Toronto that cater to spanking? I'm sure there must be, but not being from there, I have no idea where they are. I will be in the area this weekend.
  8. Not really in Toronto, but a couple hours away in London. However, I do get to Toronto frequently, both business and pleasure. I've noticed there's not to many on this site from Canada.
  9. Any spankees here in London, Ontario, and if so, interested in chatting? I am male, spanker.
  10. Any ladies around southewestern Ontario in need of a spanking? I am located in London, Ontario, but can and do travel some. I offer firm, hand or implement (as you need) spankings for discipline, bad behaviour or stress relief.
  11. I am in London, Ontario if you're interested or close.
  12. Hi Unmet Needs and thanks for the friend add. What part of the world are you in?

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