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  1. Over the multiple decades that I've been a disciplinarian and spanker, I've run across many women who are very strong and assertive, and some even hold executive level jobs like managers in the business world, one who I disciplined for years was a head librarian, or they are other sorts of authority figures. These women clearly want to be in control of their lives, and thrive with being in that position as a career. But when it's time for punishment, they find that being totally submissive to me as their disciplinarian is perfect for them. A long time friend who is a behavioral psychologist says that actually makes perfect sense and serves in the mind of the ones being spanked as a balance between their own authority and their need to occasionally totally give up that control for a short time and allow someone else to be in charge of them, and being accountable to that person can be very helpful on an emotional level. It definitely works.
  2. They can be called any number of things, rituals, preparations, preferences, requirements, procedures. Many people do find that having certain things happen before, during, and after a spanking can be desirable for several reasons. One is that people's preferences certainly affect their emotional state as well as the ability to find satisfaction in what they are doing. Anything which works well for one or both of the people involved without unduly affecting either can be a good thing. Such things as requiring the spankee to be dressed in a certain manner, or having a lecture before the actual spanking, or a specific requirement for how their confession is made to the disciplinarian/spanker are very popular. Certain additional aspects to the punishment like corner time afterward or mouth soaping for being disrespectful or insubordinate to their disciplinarian/spanker, as well as things like aftercare, applying lotions, or even doing relaxing massage or cuddle time can all enter into the interaction. I require female spankees to present themselves for the spanking wearing white underpants and socks regardless of what additional clothing they may have on at the start. I strongly prefer to have a formal confession with the spankee's pants and underpants pulled down to expose them, while kneeling and usually with restrained wrists either in front or behind their back. I also strongly prefer to provide aftercare in the form of massage and cuddle time.
  3. I've spanked women as old as their 80's, including one extremely kinky woman I'd been disciplining for many years. I currently have a few in their 60's and 70's, and I still like a good spanking myself once in a while. I think some older people may have a difficult time accepting a spanking from a person who is significantly younger, but it doesn't need to be that way. When I was a lot younger I was often spanking women who were 20+ years older than myself. The important thing is to be able to make a solid emotional connection with both of you on the same page about what is being given consent for, and what the wants and needs of both people are.
  4. You can make any shot hurt more by using a thicker or longer needle, as well as refrigerating the medication you are being given, or even putting it into the freezer for as little as 5-10 minutes before the shots are given. Some people take their shots in the very lower part of the stomach, at about the level of the pubic hair line. That feels quite a bit different than a shot in the hip so those who truly have a fetish for shots may like it more if they switch locations around. You may like that feeling more. If you want lasting pain you have to try to cause bruising under the skin at the location where the shot is given, then it will hurt for days, thus the suggestions for bigger needles and colder medications. Injecting fairly large volumes like 100 units or more of chilled sterile saline into various bodily areas/parts is also effective. Regardless of what you choose to do, always play safely and make sure your equipment is sterile and the location you are giving the shots is properly cleaned as well. I've had a B-12 deficiency for most of my life and had to be given literally hundreds of B-12 shots over the years, all of them either in the hip or the stomach. Whenever I need any sort of vaccination or other shot I always request the nurse to put it in either my hip or my stomach.
  5. There are definitely people out there who have a medical fetish and enjoy a variety of activities related to that fetish. Giving or receiving shots in various areas of the body are only one small part of that fetish. They usually will also want to do many other things such as conduct thorough and realistic physical examinations using real medical equipment, give or receive enemas, and so on. I agree that you need someone with experience in order to do this injection activity safely, as well as access to sterile equipment. I don't think there are a lot of people who have both the medical fetish and the spanking fetish, so it could be challenging to make a connection with someone that likes to play in both realms. But it's not impossible, and some such people do exist. Most people would find a person to interact with in the spanking realm, and a different person to interact with in the medical fetish realm rather than holding out for one person who does both.
  6. Mixing sex with spankings can be a recipe for disaster in many situations. Those who choose to do so must be certain of consent from their partner. I agree it's never been proven that spanking after an orgasm makes it more unpleasant for a female. If one were going to include an orgasm in spanking a female then it would make the most sense to do that afterward, not before. However, any male who has been required to ejaculate before being spanked, either facilitated by their spanker or simply done with their spanker watching, will verify that afterward the spanking is seriously more unpleasant, so there is strong support for a spanker requiring that. Doing so can also really embarrass or even humiliate the male, if this was not something he wanted. This opens a can of worms though, because a male who does not want to ejaculate as part of the spanking experience may feel undue pressure to consent to it anyway in order for them to receive the spanking they are craving. A sadistic spanker could make it a requirement.
  7. When I have required in person reviews of the behavior issues involving any of the women who have asked to be accountable to me over the years, those reviews have always been done with the submissive person stripped naked, kneeling, and with wrists restrained either in front or behind her back.
  8. As a disciplinarian, I prefer those I spank to have socks on at least at the beginning of their spanking. In some cases the socks may come off during the course of the spanking, since I typically continue to undress the person in stages until they are naked for the majority of the time they are being punished. But most of the time the socks are the only thing which will remain on. There is something aesthetically pleasing about seeing someone wearing only white cotton underpants, which are eventually pulled down to expose them fully and then later removed completely, and white socks. This also works exceptionally well for corner time, or for directed self punishments as those become necessary in between the regular spanking sessions.
  9. Many disciplinarians have their own preferences about that. Some of us prefer or even require our submissives to remain natural, while other disciplinarians require them to shave bare before presenting themselves for a spanking. Still others leave it up to the choice of the submissive. It can be quite embarrassing or even humiliating for a submissive who normally remains natural to be told to shave before their spanking, which can make the whole interaction more intense for the one being punished. As far as the original question about being spanked alongside another person, while growing up back in the 50's and 60's I was spanked with others on a number of occasions. Back in those days it was fairly common when you got caught misbehaving with another person, both of you could reasonably expect to get punished together. This happened at school as well as at home or at the home of friends.
  10. I've done many spankings in hotel rooms over the years, and agree that you want to choose one that is relatively soundproof as well as asking for a room at the end of a hall or on a less busy floor. Other options are facilities that rent individual cottage like buildings which are far enough apart that no one could hear, or renting an entire house on AirBnB for about the same cost as a hotel room.
  11. I think each has it's own nuances and differences, so they are not identical. Many dominants do not give their submissives very much leeway, and a sub is typically seen as being required to do whatever the dominant orders them to. In some situations that could be unpleasant or uncomfortable if the sub finds herself doing things to please the dominant which are not pleasurable at all for herself. So clear definitions of what is expected, and what the hard limits are must be made at the outset. A disciplinarian on the other hand is an authority figure who takes the responsibility for keeping someone who is asking to be accountable to them on track, focused, and employs punishment to correct inappropriate or unwanted behavior but may also reward good behavior by granting additional privileges. While a disciplinarian might be required to administer some fairly serious punishments, the interactions are respectful and there is discussion and sometimes even negotiation when both are open to that. Certainly the person who is asking to be accountable to a disciplinarian must also agree to be submissive to that person as far as obeying the rules they agree upon or accepting punishments which are deserved, but the disciplinarian does not attempt to control all aspects of that person's life in the way that a dominant might. A disciplinarian is also a mentor for the person who is accountable to them, and offers their thoughts and encouragement for the person to do better and formulate ways to correct their own behavior.
  12. What you are looking for is more likely to be a Disciplinarian. Someone that you ask to be held accountable to, and make reports to based upon your behavior or lack of behavior. Typically a disciplinarian will work with you to create a set of rules that are specific to your own situation and needs, and then hold you to them. When rules are broken, punishment may be required, and in the realm of the things we do, that punishment may be a spanking, but may also include other things such as taking away privileges. I've been a disciplinarian since a girl I met in the first semester of college at age 18 asked if I could hold her accountable for her lack of good grades and spank her as needed. I agreed to, and have been a disciplinarian for many other women over the years.
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