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  1. I always start out over her underpants, using my hand and then progressing to one or more implements. But after a while, I pull her underpants down, perhaps to her knees, for a repeat of the same. Eventually they will be pulled down around her ankles and then completely off.
  2. Erica, you look very appealing in your matching bra and underpants! It seems as if they create a day to celebrate just about everything. In order to acknowledge diversity in underwear we also need to appreciate plain white cotton underwear, women who choose to wear men's underwear and men who wear women's underwear, as well as those who wear diapers instead of underwear either for medical necessity (more common than you may think) or because they are into that. But I'll bet that most people would greatly prefer to see beautiful women posting photos of themselves in underwear like Erica did!
  3. While it's possible for that to work in a few very specific situations, which would be very uncommon, the dynamic of family interaction in most families would not be conducive toward spanking an adult. In the past in certain ethnic families an adult daughter might have been spanked by a parent, particularly if she still lived at home. I knew of a few such situations when I was growing up back in the day. But for the most part, for a parent to spank an adult child today, it would require that both of them had to be kinky and wanted it to happen.
  4. Some people use relatively aggressive doormats as a form of punishment. The fiber sort has relatively sharp points which are very uncomfortable if one is required to sit naked on the mat for an extended time, say 15-30 minutes. This can work really well for a remote mentor-disciplinary sort of arrangement, as well as being an effective add on to require the spankee to do immediately after being spanked.
  5. There are a lot of spankers and disciplinarians in the Ohio-Indiana-Michigan areas, I'm near Detroit. The first and foremost thing to address, is to always play safely and know your limits for how much you can take. Proceed slowly and cautiously before committing to receiving an actual spanking. But I'm certain you can find someone. I heard there was an active group in Cleveland that met regularly.
  6. If those spankings were bare bottom in front of a restaurant filled with other like minded people who would not be offended by watching someone get their spanking, I'd bet there would be hundreds, perhaps thousands of people traveling from across the country to eat there and get their spanking! I'd certainly want to attend!
  7. Such a beautiful, spankable bottom, and such a lovely shade as well, with subtle hints of welts and marks
  8. The main issue would be one of bruising, which someone on blood thinners is far more susceptible to. For that reason, one would want to choose implements which are less likely to cause bruising, and limit the intensity of the spanking as well. I think it should still be possible to enjoy being spanked, if the appropriate caution is used. I would absolutely insist upon it being bare bottom so that the spanker can immediately see if they are causing issues and change up their actions accordingly.
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