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  1. You are never too old to spank or to be spanked. I just got a birthday spanking from a long time spanking and kink friend, we've been exchanging them every year since we met in 1978 when both of us were quite a bit younger. She's always been one of the kinkiest people I've ever known.
  2. My thinking is than when roleplaying, anything goes as long as everyone involved is in agreement. It's very common for people to role play as a very different age, I have played very successfully with mature women who role play as littles in the toddler age range. There is no reason that an adult female cannot choose to role play as a male of whatever age range suits the moment. Dressing to suit the role you are temporarily assuming would certainly be a big help getting into that mindset at the time. An honest, open discussion with your partner about your desire to try this may well lead to facilitating the actual roleplay scenarios which you would like to be part of.
  3. Obviously something must have happened to cause the insurance company to include this disclaimer. Things like that don't get into policies without good reason and their legal team would not have just pulled that out of thin air. A most definite CYA moment if there ever was one though!!
  4. Mine is a total no brainer........... I have been spanking for a very long time, having started out at age 18. I grew up being spanked as well.
  5. I've not used a rubber paddle, but I do like to use rubber implements like a rubber automotive tie down strap with the hooks removed from the end, or a piece of rubber hose. When compared to wooden implements they do sting a lot more and are more likely to leave marks and bruises. Most of the women I've spanked with rubber straps or hoses tell me it's about as painful as you can get, even similar to the pain from a cane, depending of course on how much intensity the implement is used with.
  6. I met them in various ways over the years. The one in particular happened to be in 1967, she was the very first girl I spanked at age 18, we were in our first semester of college and in a few of the same classes. We became friends and sat together between classes, or would eat lunch together, but it was not romantic at all. She was not doing really well and after several weeks of classes she asked me if I would be willing to spank her over her grades as motivation to do better, and whenever she did badly on a test. She made it very clear that she was concerned about this possibly affecting our friendship if it did not go the way she wanted it to, and said that it absolutely could not be sexual. She turned out to be quite uninhibited once she realized that I was safe and would not demand sex in exchange for spanking her. I spanked her many times over the ensuing months. She asked to be spanked with my hand followed by a lengthy spanking with a belt. After the first couple of spankings with her skirt up and underpants pulled down, she started asking for more clothing to be removed and it wasn't long before every spanking was naked. She liked being spanked outdoors, in parking lots or on nature trails in parks, and also in the living room of her parents home (while they were not home) with the curtains wide open so that anyone who happened to be outside could see. She was the first person I'd met who was a definite spanko, and it appeared that she couldn't get enough of it. But it didn't help with her grades and she didn't seem to want to put in much effort towards college and ended up dropping out a year or so later. By that time I realized that I was not the only person spanking her, when one day when she asked me to spank her, as she got out of her clothes, I could see that her bottom was already bruised and marked up, and looked pretty recent. It had been long enough since the previous time I had spanked her for any marks from it to have completely faded. When I confronted her with that, she admitted she had others who were spanking her as well.
  7. I was spanked at school while growing up, just as many others were back in the days when that was common, and often a go-to punishment for just about everything. As an adult, I've been spanked at spanking parties a number of times, although not recently. I would love to have that experience again in front of a group of people who could either watch or participate. As a disciplinarian, I've given spankings to several of the women who asked to be accountable to me outdoors in places where we were not hidden, but no one was right in the immediate area at the time. One of the more memorable ones was at the far end of a student parking lot at the college, late in the evening while classes were going on. She asked to be naked, laying across the hood of her truck. Even if we had seen another vehicle approaching there would have been no way for her to get any clothing on, or even make it into the truck, before they could have reached where we were parked.
  8. It's a very HUGE positive that he is willing to allow you to explore that at all, and even better that he is open to explore with you. Here's hoping that the first experience is a really positive one for all involved and leads to many more in the future.
  9. Over the years, I have acted as disciplinarian for a number of women who were sent to me for spankings by their husband or boyfriend. This sort of arrangement can actually work out very well in situations where the woman's partner either can't bring himself to give her the level of punishment that she wants to have, or isn't willing to for various other reasons. In some of those interactions, the male partner was present as an observer. My thinking is that if all of you are on the same page about it, and he is willing to be an observer and proves he can behave in a calm and rational manner while watching you spank his wife, then there is no reason not to include him. I can assure you that it is entirely possible to do such spankings in a totally non sexual manner, so there should be no concerns in that regard if the person you plan to attend for spankings has indicated that is his intent. Having the male partner present can reassure him that his wife is safe with you and that nothing inappropriate will take place should he decide to allow you to go on your own for any given spanking in the future. Several of that sort of arrangement I was a part of continued for many years.
  10. I agree that routine in everyday life can be very comforting, and it's always better when you know what to expect. Surprises and dramatic changes in routine tend to derail the course of one's day. Some degree of consistency in discipline is also a good thing, and for the same reasons. But this is one area where one also needs to be easily adaptable to new situations that may require attention.
  11. I still lived at home while attending college, so never had any roommates to explore with. But in the first semester of college, I was approached by a girl I casually knew from my classes who asked me to spank her for accountability for her grades, which I did, and that continued for nearly a year. Birthday spankings occurred within my family, including aunts and cousins, well into adulthood. There were several of us who had birthdays relatively close to each other so a family party would be held at those times of the year for all of us, and everyone got to spank the ones whose birthdays were being celebrated. Those were done for fun but there were a couple of people who spanked a whole lot harder than the rest of them did. As far as a long term friend who is interested in spankings, I have one that I met in my late 20's and she's about the kinkiest person I've ever known. I've told about this before here on SN. Within minutes after meeting her for the first time she was over my knee with her bottom bare, and that was totally unexpected. More than 40 years later and I'm still spanking her at least several times a year, and she spanks me sometimes as well.
  12. A disciplinarian should never intentionally embarrass or humiliate a spankee who is not OK with having that included as part of their spanking. This needs to be discussed beforehand so both people involved are on the same page. Having said that, both embarrassment and humiliation can add to the overall mood and effect of a spanking, when the one being spanked can tolerate it or welcomes it. Intensity is sometimes very desirable when trying to get one's message across. Some disciplinarians choose to do things like inserting a finger or multiple fingers, a butt plug or other uncomfortable thing like a ginger root into the spankee's rectum either before, during, or after a spanking, and the duration of such insertions may be anywhere from a moment or two up to hours at a time. Enemas can also be quite an intense form of punishment, or used to enhance a spanking or other punishment. Being required to present oneself in positions which facilitate the disciplinarian do a thorough examination of intimate body areas and/or do such insertions is also not uncommon. Some choose to restrain the spankee in such a position for lengthy periods of time. In the realm of spankings and discipline, "normal" does not exist and the range of possibilities for what two consenting people can agree to is pretty large. But again, these sorts of play must only take place after full consent has been given after discussion, or in arrangements of consensual non-consent.
  13. Experiment with other implements. When I am intentionally trying to leave marks and bruises, I go for things like an electrical extension cord, a section of automotive rubber hose like fuel line about as thick as your finger or thumb, or a rubber tie down strap with the hooks removed. Any of those, or a narrower belt, can be easily swung hard enough to mark up a bare bottom pretty quickly, often within 10 minutes or so of spanking.
  14. She appears to be one that gets excited about her friends knowing about her spankings! Also the fact that she intentionally compromised any hope of modesty by walking out bottomless and explaining what had just taken place clearly shows she wanted that level of embarrassment, and was surely enjoying how that felt for herself, and watching how the other two responded to that! Hopefully next time you can spank her in front of the other two! Maybe they will have reasons to want to participate in the spanking, you never know unless you ask. They might suggest implements, or how many times you spank her, or may even be interested in spanking her too. Perhaps one or both of them could undress her or restrain her for you to spank. Thanks for sharing the amazing experience.
  15. An older relative of mine offered these thoughts which apply to both politics and religion, many decades ago when I was growing up. No matter what your personal views or convictions might be on such matters, there are always going to be large numbers of very nice people who hold a different or even opposite viewpoint, so it's best to never bring such things into polite conversation. Trying to change anyone's viewpoint seems to me to be an exercise in futility and only results in hurt feelings and broken friendships.
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