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  1. You can definitely meet quality people from this site. But what about going the other direction? I know a young woman locally, who I see often and spank on a regular basis. We'd actually known each other for a couple of years because I would often speak to her at the place where she worked, casual ordinary conversations with zero mention of spanking or anything remotely kinky. After a couple of years had passed I was asked to be her mentor and disciplinarian, which I accepted of course. At that time she mentioned to me she'd been using this site for a few years, and when I told her I
  2. I can deal with some brats who do things that are cute, just for fun, but when it crosses the line to insubordination or being disrespectful to me as their mentor/disciplinarian, then it's going to earn punishment. Lovable, cute brats can bring it on, within reason. When it becomes annoying, rude, or inappropriate, then no.
  3. I only wish it had been possible for him to give her a real spanking in that episode. She's the ultimate nerd, and totally cute.
  4. Rubber implements of any sort seriously hurt, and are feared by many spankees. I've had some who say that the worst possible pain comes from a black rubber tie down strap like one uses on a vehicle to secure something (with the metal "S" hooks removed of course), or a piece of automotive fuel line hose, or an extension cord. Any of those implements, when properly applied, gets their attention really fast.
  5. Are you planning on doing that? If so, let us know where and when, and I'm certain a few spankers would be available to correct your misbehavior. But to answer your question directly it would depend on the exact circumstances. I've been in hotel pools in Canada while on vacation where women were topless as that's legal there. It's not common, not seen every day, but it does happen. It's also not uncommon for people to be naked in hotel saunas, and if only adults were present, again no problems. If one were to go in a hotel pool naked late at night when only other adults w
  6. I've always done that with the ones I see in person as mentor and disciplinarian. It's a good time to fine tune things and note where improvement has been seen, or needs to take place. It would work equally as well in remote arrangements where one only occasionally sees the other, or never does.
  7. Patiently awaiting a spanking? You'd get quite a few volunteers to help with that, just saying........
  8. As always, very nice and exceptionally spankable. Thanks for being so comfortable sharing!
  9. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. That's only one reason why people prefer to give spankings on the bare bottom, or at least with the jeans lowered, if doing so by hand. With an implement, it's not any issue other than that the spanking is never as effective through clothing so you have to spank longer and harder than you would on a bare bottom. I'd bet that you won't make the same mistake again.
  10. There are still 19 states in the USA where school spankings are legal. I would expect a permission or acknowledgement to be required by any school or district within those states that actually does choose to make use of that. However, if it was legal in any given state to spank, such a waiver might not legally be needed since the school would be protected by the existing law. Going back decades ago when school spankings were common, I clearly recall my parents having to sign such paperwork and there were some private schools which would decline to enroll a student whose parents were no
  11. I have done mentoring for various personal issues with quite a few people over the years, both in person and long distance. Since each situation is different, if there are to be punishments involved, the two people involved have to work out a plan that's acceptable to both. If spanking in any form can't be a part of it, then other equally effective alternatives can be used and negotiated. The biggest issue which results is finding an acceptable method for them to prove that they have actually complied with the assigned punishment. In no specific order, I have used all of the follo
  12. A well known holiday song, typically performed instrumentally is Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" and whenever I hear the sound effect of the cracking whip, which occurs several times during the song, immediately I think of the sound of an implement such as a belt or cane being applied to someone's bare bottom..............and want to be the one applying it.
  13. Over the years I have mentored and worked with DD couples in both male and female led DD relationships. Those couples span a wide range of ages, so there's no reason for seniors who are in good enough health to participate not to pursue that sort of disciplinary interaction with a romantic partner. Some even choose to include a second disciplinarian who is not a part of the relationship, but the dominant partner is then able to send the submissive partner to that disciplinarian for punishment if they choose to. That can work out really well for everyone involved.
  14. Welcome! There are quite a few members from Michigan, some who are not far from your location, and a number of us have significant experience in giving safe spankings. As already pointed out, please do your homework regarding being spanked, always err on the side of caution when dealing with strangers, and above all always play safe! If you find someone that you think you are interested in being spanked by, get to know them through messages or emails for a length of time before proceeding to a face to face meeting in a safe public place, and be sure to discuss what your wants, needs,
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