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  1. Thighs are definitely a spankable area, but only with the informed consent of the spankee. One should never automatically go there without discussion beforehand. I would agree that depending upon the implement, both the backs and fronts of the thighs can be effectively spanked, and often that may be quite a bit more painful than one would expect. If one is using an implement which creates more intense sensations like the cane or an extension cord, then care is needed particularly on the fronts of the thighs because it will hurt significantly more than the same level of intensity applied to the bottom.
  2. While growing up back in the 50's and 60's, this threat was commonly used by parents. It would occasionally result in an actual spanking somewhere away from home, but I think most of the time it was meant to get attention and immediately change one's behavior. I was actually spanked a few times in a parking lot or other location where it was safe to pull off the road.
  3. I've had naughty girls and women over my knee for up to an hour during punishment spankings......... but it works out best if there are short breaks every 10 minutes or so.
  4. Yes, I can assure you that it stings noticeably more on a wet bottom, I was spanked that way any number of times while growing up.
  5. The extension cord is definitely right up there with the worst, most painful, most likely to leave marks. Others equally as bad are a rubber automotive hose about as thick as a finger, and a rubber tie down strap (with the hooks removed of course). Some people say the cane is very intense as well, but others actually like the way it feels. I was spanked a number of times growing up with a rubber hose or strap, as well as the extension cord, which were favored by one of my high school teachers, and all of which hurt more than a belt or paddle.
  6. Wheelbarrow and diaper are equally feared by many spankees. As a spanker I like to use the diaper position for a segment of almost every spanking I administer. Being restrained in the diaper position, either with legs stretched apart and upward, or toward bedposts or similarly positioned back and above one's shoulders allow for very embarrassing and painful spanking, which could include punishing the genitals if that is necessary as part of what the spankee has earned. But surprisingly I've found more than a few women who love being spanked in the diaper position, although definitely the minority. While growing up I was spanked numerous times in the diaper position including in my teens and did not like it at all.
  7. Some disciplinarians or spankers are offended when a male ejaculates spontaneously during a spanking. It's definitely an involuntary response to external stimulation which does not include any contact with the genitals, but the overall setting of having one's pants and underpants pulled down for a spanking is a very strong stimuli which can result in unwanted erection. It's true what was said earlier about some requiring a towel to be strategically placed just in case that happens. It also happens more often with younger males who are not regularly sexually active. I think it's acceptable for a spanker to require additional punishment if that happens when the spanking has no sexual overtones or intent and is given for punishment/discipline. Also, some who are administering spankings feel it is appropriate to require an ejaculation either privately or in the presence of the disciplinarian, before the spanking begins. This clearly makes the actual spanking worse for the one being spanked, and can be used for embarrassment, humiliation, or to put the person in a certain mind set that they indeed have no control over what is going to be taking place.
  8. As I consider myself a disciplinarian and have served that role for many women over the years, my first preference is strict disciplinary spankings which are given as a result of one's lack of appropriate behavior in areas which they have asked to be accountable to me. But there is nothing at all wrong with a good, long fun spanking between two people who enjoy that sort of play.
  9. When I was in my 20's, which happens to have been back in the 1970's, I knew a few girls (or knew of them through reliable friends who related the information) who were still living at home and were significantly older than that (30's and 40's, never married) and still being spanked. But apparently at that time, and because their parents were of a different cultural background, that was not unheard of. Of course since then, people have culturally assimilated far more, and such situations are less likely to occur for cultural reasons. However, as nicoleS39 has mentioned on several occasions, there are still situations where it does happen today and probably won't disappear entirely within certain specific groups.
  10. I always start out over her underpants, using my hand and then progressing to one or more implements. But after a while, I pull her underpants down, perhaps to her knees, for a repeat of the same. Eventually they will be pulled down around her ankles and then completely off.
  11. Erica, you look very appealing in your matching bra and underpants! It seems as if they create a day to celebrate just about everything. In order to acknowledge diversity in underwear we also need to appreciate plain white cotton underwear, women who choose to wear men's underwear and men who wear women's underwear, as well as those who wear diapers instead of underwear either for medical necessity (more common than you may think) or because they are into that. But I'll bet that most people would greatly prefer to see beautiful women posting photos of themselves in underwear like Erica did!
  12. While it's possible for that to work in a few very specific situations, which would be very uncommon, the dynamic of family interaction in most families would not be conducive toward spanking an adult. In the past in certain ethnic families an adult daughter might have been spanked by a parent, particularly if she still lived at home. I knew of a few such situations when I was growing up back in the day. But for the most part, for a parent to spank an adult child today, it would require that both of them had to be kinky and wanted it to happen.
  13. Some people use relatively aggressive doormats as a form of punishment. The fiber sort has relatively sharp points which are very uncomfortable if one is required to sit naked on the mat for an extended time, say 15-30 minutes. This can work really well for a remote mentor-disciplinary sort of arrangement, as well as being an effective add on to require the spankee to do immediately after being spanked.
  14. There are a lot of spankers and disciplinarians in the Ohio-Indiana-Michigan areas, I'm near Detroit. The first and foremost thing to address, is to always play safely and know your limits for how much you can take. Proceed slowly and cautiously before committing to receiving an actual spanking. But I'm certain you can find someone. I heard there was an active group in Cleveland that met regularly.
  15. If those spankings were bare bottom in front of a restaurant filled with other like minded people who would not be offended by watching someone get their spanking, I'd bet there would be hundreds, perhaps thousands of people traveling from across the country to eat there and get their spanking! I'd certainly want to attend!
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