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  1. In my opinion you can't have too many, and over the years I've accumulated a wide variety. The total certainly exceeds 25. I have several belts, a couple of different paddles, rubber straps, paint stirrers, hairbrushes, a wood handled bath brush, a leather flogger, sections of rubber automotive hose and extension cords are among the ones I use most often. If I had to limit myself to just a few of them for any given spanking session, I'd pick a belt, a bath brush, a rubber strap and a paint stirrer. The women I spank regularly would tell you that they don't want to feel any of thos
  2. I usually like to give a spanking lasting at least an hour, but with short breaks between segments, and using several different implements and positions for the spankee. The shortest I've given recently was about 20 minutes, and it's unusual for me to do one that short.
  3. A very effective punishment, and I really like the manner in which her white underpants are pulled down, visually very pleasing
  4. A beautiful bottom in the process of receiving an intense caning
  5. That was so long ago. The Dave Clark 5 was just one of my favorites.
  6. I'd just like to state that I've known several people who were diagnosed as bipolar by professionals, and each of them can change states instantly, just like turning on a switch. Don't believe anyone who tells you that all bipolar people always take a long period of time to go from one state to the other, it's not so in every case. Most take hours, or even a couple of days, but some do not and for those it can happen in a few seconds. I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility that this person was bipolar, but there are so many possibilities that you'll never know for sure exactly wha
  7. Absolutely!!! You never know what might be possible unless you ask. Even in a situation like that, everyone would get a good laugh at the very least. Over the holidays while making a purchase, a young store clerk messed up the transaction on her computerized register and commented that she should be spanked for that...... without blinking an eye my response was that I could help her with that because I was a disciplinarian who spanked women. I've spanked her 4 times since then.......
  8. I've used several methods which can be effective. One is to create a list of offenses and assign each offense a certain number of points. Each point the person earns translates to a specific number of swats when it's time to be punished. This works particularly well with smaller things which one might not want or need to take care of at the time they happen, but after a certain number of points are accumulated over the course of a week or a month, there is enough for a good spanking to take place. For more immediate action on more serious offenses, one can assign a time limit or a specified
  9. Absolutely love to see a woman spanked with white underpants in that position, nice job with her spanking
  10. Such a lovely bottom, and it's always nice to see it after a spanking
  11. As I mentioned earlier, I've seen a similar interest among young people who were never spanked. Over the holidays I met a young sales clerk at a store who accidentally messed up a transaction on her computer terminal, and commented that she ought to be spanked for that. I picked up on that comment and told her I could actually make that happen for her. I told her I'd been a mentor/disciplinarian for young women for quite some time and had experience giving spankings to consenting partners. She took down my contact info, actually contacted me that very evening after she was off work, and we
  12. I don't see the numbers getting smaller, but depending upon how easy it is to make connection with people having similar interests, and how many people openly participate, it could become something that's seen as unfavorable to be associated with. When I first started spanking at age 18 way back in 1967, nearly every one of the people I spanked had been raised with spankings at home or at school or both. Today, that's quite a different situation. Those who are over 40 or 50 and come to me for spankings are more likely to have had at least a few spankings when they were younger. But I'
  13. Love her white underpants pulled down in that manner, but her bottom needs to be a whole lot redder, just saying........
  14. I think it's far less common than it was 50 years or more ago. It used to be thought of as playful fun by a lot of people. Today nowhere near as many would agree with the concept but I'm certain it still happens here and there. I know one family where adults who are all over age 30 are given birthday spankings by their mother and siblings during each one's birthday celebration. It's a big family, they are very close, and probably never outgrew the tradition. I've been there and seen it happen, and the victim usually seems to be playfully cooperative even though some serious swats are
  15. Yes, I have met people from this site in real life, spanked them, and had very positive interactions on an ongoing basis. You just have to be very cautious and take time getting to know them first.
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