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  1. Some one mentioned that some boys come while being spanked. Yes, they do, I have seen even young men shoot their lot while being spanked. Has happened to me a few times, since being totally naked while being spanked by a pretty young young lady really gets me going ! How long can I hold out ?
  2. I could never really enjoy a spanking unless I was fully naked, nothing on, not even socks ! I prefer to be bent over, legs spread wide open, restrained if need be and shown the strap/crop/cane to be used. This really turns me on when the strokes are delivered slowly, to allow the pain to build up.
  3. I have no objection to the spanker holding my family jewels while spanking me !
  4. The only way I can enjoy a good spanking is to be fully naked. It,s the only thing that really turns me on. My spanker orders me to strip naked, while showing me the strap/whip he intends to use Result is I get hard before we even start and each stroke helps so that by the time we finish, my arse is on fire and I am rock hard. I have been known to shoot off towards the end and for that I receive an extra 10 licks.
  5. Most of my spankers like me to "give voice " to my spanking, and I do , mostly. They like to hear me yelp, scream and so on. They say "If it helps you, scream away, you are still going to get leathered anyway but at least, we know we are getting through to you " So, it works both ways . One of my spankers said "If I don't hear you yelp ,I feel I have failed you, and I hate to fail".😫😆
  6. See my answer to this subject a few moments ago.
  7. Friend of mine uses one of those benches made for weight training. it,s one of those models on which you can lie face up or face down along the padded top. He fitted straps to it so that he can restrain his spankee front or rear,and it really works, as I know. With the straps removed, it can be left in full view, no problem Another thing I made was a frame like they used to have years ago in the Market place for locking up bad boys. This was a frame with three holes in it, two for the hands, one for the head, fixed to the top of a pole in the ground. My model was made so t
  8. I prefer to be bent over, cuffed, and my arse stretched tight, wide open. Knowing everything is on view and available for spanking really turns me on. Seems to work for my spankers too.
  9. Old saying : "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it "😆😆
  10. I,m not really into OTK spanking, I prefer a spanking bench or something similar ,because I like the idea of restraints, seems to add to the spanking.
  11. Yes a cane can really help to get your attention [get,s mine anyway] When that makes contact with your arse, you tend to forget about everything else. How do I know ? Ask me !. Plus the fact that it can reach almost everywhere.
  12. I got it on the hands too but never on the bum, sad to say. I had to wait many years before this pleasure came my way, and then by a retired teacher ! Strange the way things work.
  13. Boxer briefs/shorts and yfronts should be removed and placed in the trash can before spanking and left there afterwards. I hate them !! Bare arse or nothing !
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