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    Emily's Wish

    I was starting my first year of University when I first met Francine Turner, an elegant and chic divorcee in her late sixties. We were connected through a host family program that the Uni had setup, which allowed me to stay with her rent-free. In return she said that she craved companionship since she was living on her own and described her house as an empty nest. I was immediately impressed with her natural beauty, reassuring demeanor and conversational skills which put me straight at ease even when I was feeling homesick. She was always going out to the theater, lunching with her friend
  2. It had been nearly three weeks since Lucia's father had spanked her for the very first time. It was so unfair; she was told to go to her room and wait until he eventually came up with his belt in his hand. Even worse, as she submitted to this humiliating punishment she later discovered that her stepmother listened to the whole howling ordeal. It was just about the only thing she could think about since that fateful day. When she finally plucked the courage to sit with her dad to talk about it, she felt a seething rage as he nonchalently described the many bedtime discussions he had with h
  3. Everything about this picture is amazing, fantastic job!
  4. Katy (18) is living at home with her parents and faces a crossroads in her life where she doesn't feel quite ready for adulthood and responsibilities just yet.. ------- Katy Bradshaw was flicking through the pile of prospectuses she had accumulated on her seemingly dozens of trips to find her future university. At eighteen years old the stress of her final exams was taking its toll as she sighed and flopped onto her bed, overwhelmed by all of the big decisions she was having to make. At that moment, her mother knocked on the door and entered with a hot cocoa and a wide smile. "H
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