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  1. You are obviously very caring and compassionate, and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. But the information you have provided seems to indicate this is someone who was careful to compartmentalize your friendship into this "virtual only" little make-believe world. This is one of the problems that society in general has struggled with in this era of virtual on-line relationships. It used to be that people you knew were people you could touch. You lived next to them, went to school with them, sat next to them in church every week, were part of a real physical community. Only afte
  2. When I use a hairbrush, I take it a bit slower. As @rude_rumps implied, it's easier to do more real physical damage with a heavy hairbrush. I don't disagree that a punishment was earned, but maybe start with about 5 per cheek, and give her bottom some time to tell you if she needs more.
  3. Yes, I remember a few times in the car parked along the road. Once in the dressing room of a department store.
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