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  1. www.spankinginthe21stcentury.com has added a new video download feature for "Special Presentation Videos". Please visit and enjoy downloading videos and adding them to your collection for free! Thank you.
  2. Please visit Twitter and follow us: www.spankinginthe21stcentury.com @wwwspankingint1
  3. spankinginthe21stcentury.com weekly update has been completed. The site has added several spanking videos and one hot spanking photo. Admission is always free and the site doesn't have paid ads (some from embedded videos). Thank you.
  4. spankinginthe21stcentury.com is updated weekly with several spanking videos and one photo of the week. Please visit and view "Photo Of The Week Collection" and like the best photo in the collection. Admission is always free. Thank you.
  5. https://www.spankinginthe21stcentury.com/?wix-vod-comp-id=comp-j6onyw9a#
  6. spankinginthe21stcentury.com is a site dedicated to spanking. The site has featured videos, special presentations, art of the week, video of the week/month, m/f & f/m spanking screen and spanking videos from T.V. shows and movies. Please visit and post your opinion of this site. Thank you.
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