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  1. With me growing up, I could answer two different ways depending on where I was. At home I was perfect never got in trouble. With babysitters, school or friends parents I got in more than the average kid.
  2. Sally Fields spanks her son in Places in the Heart when he is caught smoking at school, although they don’t show it but you can here the belt smacking his butt.
  3. According to your profile you are only 18 not old enough to drink. So I would say you have more problems than drinking and driving. I am from knoxville and used to come to Atlanta at least two to three times a month for work. I no longer have that job so I don’t come down as much.
  4. Yes I have had tears run down my face but I’ve never cried out loud. Except for some ouch, ow, oh and other sounds.
  5. Part of it for me is someone having control and authority over me. But I think the most important thing is knowing the er cares enough about ee to help and guide them through whatever they are being spanked for. I think there needs to be a close bond between them. If not at first then it should grow to that.
  6. I don’t know if it is addictive because I think most of us would agree a good spanking hurts and during one I won’t say I ever enjoyed it regardless of my age. However, I think it’s the feeling afterwards the feeling of relief that a ee will have. I know for me when I was spanked as an adult for the first time it had been a while about 6 years between spankings. Between those times I had graduated high school, got married and lived as an adult. As soon as I was back in a house with a mother type authority figure it was almost like I went back to my teenage year. I wasn’t very responsible and d
  7. Depending how strict the grounding is and what they have done. It could be once in after work/school they can’t leave the house even go outside in their yard (if summertime and nice out). Extra chores and this can work well with a family member that lives close by or just a elder neighbor that needs help in a yard or other household chore they may need help with. Limited to no tv or internet. I know once I had my cable cord taking from my bedroom. Then lines and cornertime also works well although I haven’t had that as an adult.
  8. Upper to mid thighs with a belt can sting and burn just as bad as the butt. It makes it very hard to sit afterwards. I usually always got a few on my thighs.
  9. Mine was doing what I suppose to do everyday. Being responsible enough to do what I had to do each day.
  10. When I was spanked I didn’t always get it bare, sometimes just over underware so I usually pulled my pants down because I knew I had to do that. Once I bent over then she could decide if it was bare or not and she would just pull them down. Occasionally if I was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband I would just let her pull them down too.
  11. Growing up I was paddled in school a few times. By high school, the paddle was between 18 to 20 inches long about 1/4 inch thick and I guess 4 to 5 inches wide.
  12. Most of the ones I’ve had as an adult have started slow maybe a couple seconds between and then at the end they turn fast. I was in mid 20’s when I was spanked and they all were punishment spankings so after each one I always thought about what I had done. Almost like a smack to the butt went straight to my head with what I had done.
  13. I love Arizona and have been there the last two years. Unfortunately I have no plans to be back there this year. Can I ask are you in northern or southern Arizona?
  14. I agree even though I haven’t been spanked in years. Like a lot I was spanked growing up once I turned 19 they stopped until I was in my mid 20’s. I moved in with my wife’s dad and her stepmom to work until my wife could move to that area. Her stepmom was great and super nice but believed in old fashioned spanking a butt. I was there for 7 months and although I thought I was to old age definitely didn’t matter then. I understood that I could take it or pack my clothes and move out. I chose the spanking knowing it benefited me than moving out.
  15. I would like to help but I’m in a similar situation myself.
  16. Hello all and yes I have been spanked as an adult. I haven’t been spanked since I was about 25 but have probably needed some along the way. I’ll look around the site and maybe post some of experiences in time.
  17. I can’t say this has ever happened to me but when I was 24 I had a job that I worked in the evening and everyone else in my department worked during the day. Each afternoon when I first got to work I would have a meeting with my supervisor. Anytime I did something or she needed me to finish something before I left for the night she would always end in “I’ll whoop you’re butt”. Of course she never did but there was always that thought I wonder what that would be like?
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