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  1. I sometimes feel like that too. I am completely comfortable with my spanking fetish, I never feel 'abnormal', I don't care about what others might think... But why do I have to make all these efforts, go online to find people who understand me, find incredible amounts of patience to explain my fetish to my vanilla partner when, f*ck, I just want a spanking, why is that so difficult to understand? Why is it more taboo than a blowjob, anal sex, watching porn and the thousand more things that I am not interested in but that 99 percent of the people consider as 'normal'? Why do I need to feel perm
  2. A few days ago I got a question by my wife (an open-minded Vanilla recently introduced to spanking): 'So if masturbation works with everyone, why doesn't self-spanking work with you spankos?' I confess my brain got a kind of meltdown at this point... F*ck, in absolute she's right. But wait a minute, spanking is not a regular kind of thing... So, what would be your answer to this question? 😉
  3. So sad the most spanking-friendly country in Europe is leaving.
  4. Actually, yes I was buying it for a nice lady friend. 😋
  5. Very recently, I convinced my vanilla wife to spank me. This happened like a miracle after 14 years of marriage, and 14 years after I got a stern rebuffal from her when I first came out about my fantasy (for using the wrong words, at the wrong moment). Now, after years of frustration, I am living one of the happiest moments in my life. So you should never despair or give up. Time passes. People change. Relationships evolve. Everything is possible. And yes, Jillian Keenan's article can be of great help to make a vanilla partner start to understand your needs.
  6. I have a similar memory. I was reading a child encyclopedia and I naturally went straight to the "spanking" entry. It said: "Paul received a spanking: his mother hit his butt to punish him". I so much wished I were Paul!
  7. Sorry for typos (my English still needs some improvement). Bald. Not bold (but I can be bold sometimes too!)
  8. I remember buying a super-nice wooden hairbrush at a store 3 years ago. The vendor looked at me in a very strange way while processing my purchase. I felt quite uncomfortable and thought: did he discover me? Why? Then I remembered I am bold.
  9. They knew you were coming. Thank you Mr Park Hyatt! 😂
  10. Belts have a secret appeal to many of us I think. Whenever I visit a clothing store I can't help stopping by the belt section, touching them and imagining which one would feel better for a good spanking...
  11. Same for me: every time someone innocently mentions the word 'spanking' in a conversation I have the impression everybody around starts staring at me...
  12. You are welcome to my severe language academy any time. As you already know the language, you can get only the severity. 😉
  13. Profitez bien de la visite alors! 😊 Mandatory languages are good, when taught with severity...
  14. Thank you very much! 🙏 You can find all my photography on my website claquements.com and some on my Fetlife profile too (@MrClaquements). The site is in French but it is never too late to learn a foreign language 😂 and photography is universal anyways!
  15. Is there any spanko in this world that has never shivered while discretely searching for the word "spanking" in different dictionaries? Or learned the equivalent of the word "spanking" in other languages? Or forced himself/herself to watch a long and boring movie just to catch the 10 second-long spanking scene he/she knew was somewhere in it? Well, this is common practice. But I wonder if there are other bizarre things that only spankos do and that only a fellow spanko can understand. For instance, I recently heard someone saying that she used to fill up a pair of empty jeans with wa
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