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  1. I am convinced that what brought me into spanking was early school experiences of seeing spanking done in front of the class, especially a girl I was very friendly with. It was a mixture of sympathy and wanting it to stop and excitement wanting it to carry on. I confined my interest to fantasy for many years until the internet came along and I realised just how many others there were like me. Up to that point i had always thought that female spankees only did it because they were paid to appear in magazines and the like. The internet opened my eyes to the huge world of spanking and I soon did my very first adult spanking. Since then I have had many "one off encounters and four longer term relaionships.
  2. As I am 77 years old, it would be hard for me to find spankees who are NOT younger than me. My preferred age is actually 30 to around 45 - in other words I prefer to spank mature grown women rather than young girls. This is probably because I look for a bit more than just a "banging bottom" relationship, with a degree of control and power exchange and I find this easier with ladies who have a bit more experience of the world.
  3. In my experience, most women spankees want some bruising as a reminder - one referred to them as "her trophies". I try to leave bruising sufficient to make sitting slightly uncomfortable for a couple of days.
  4. Aftercare belongs more in the BDSM world, where it is often essential to allow the sub to regain a grip on reality after an intense session. To fail to ensure that sub is back in balance and fit to face the real world is frankly irresponsible. One of my first spankees was so "into" a skoolie scene that it took a full twenty minutes to "come down" and realise that it was not the real world she was it. The first time it scared me, I can tell you! A nice restaurant meal is an elegant way of thanking your sub as well as grounding her.
  5. For me Lupus take the prize every time. Their production values are so high they are almost mainstream. They even manage to intrude some moments of humour. Wild Party (the original first one) is an absolute classic. Crime at St Thomase's features a scene where a whole class of young ladies are paddled. These are clearly not professional spankees and their raactions are perfectly natural -- its obvious that it hurts a lot more than they were expecting. One girl actually bottles out and simply leaves the classroom.
  6. It depends rather on the implement. Certainly it is important with a leather strap as teh follow through drags the leather over the skin, abraiding it slightly and adding to the bite. With a birch you might not want to as there is a danger of breaking the skin. If its a paddle I don't see that it matters very much.
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