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  1. Total stress release when I worked. A very important part of our married relationship. For both of us!
  2. North West, a switch tending to spankee with age!
  3. Bath brush! Long handled and very painful. My wife uses one to great effect. The size does allow for both cheeks to be covered with the same spank.
  4. The same for me. My wife was a keep fit instructor and when I had chance I would go to her classes. Generally all females and to be taken across her knees in front of them and be well spanked for any mistakes would have been amazing. In my mind anyway!
  5. The same for me. I leave a variety of implements on the bed and my wife selects what she wants to use and when. Generally when I least expect it and to great effect! To have such a loving and understanding wife.
  6. Oh yes! Not over often but more as I have gotten older.
  7. martin64

    As a spankee?

    The spanker determines every aspect of discipline.
  8. Just after we were married 46 years ago when I upset her. She just decided a spanking was needed as I behaved like a 'naughty boy'. Quite right of course though I do give as well.
  9. Full fit but can be lacey panties that hold me in! Girdles at times as well. My wife is wonderfully imaginative.
  10. I rarely bruise even after a very severe caning but any bruises or marks I get are worn with pride.
  11. My wife has taken to putting me in panties for a spanking. Quite humiliating standing before her in panties but that is all part of the discipline idea. It's good to have a wife who will experiment with our discipline lives.
  12. I had a period after an operation where I pooped my pants. I was very young and my parents understood. The trouble was I got to enjoy it and still fill my pants even now at 68.
  13. I started as very much a giver, but rarely did. Once I got married I discovered that receiving was also good as my wife decided I needed taking in hand to curb my bad ways. As such I have been disciplined for some 40 years and find it keeps me stress free, and very much in love with my wife. I will say that I still think of giving spankings as well and do spank my wife at odd times.
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