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  1. Anything at all wielded by my wife. But real favourites are the cane and bath brush. Entirely different effects and hence pleasures.
  2. Very subjective. My wife can take a fun spanking, as in just nice and easy and a nice glow on her bottom. I prefer quite severe as in cane or bath brush long and hard. My bottom is well reddened or bruised and some of the pleasure is in the sensations as I sit down. We all have different limits and get different pleasures from spanking but as long as we get what we need then go for it!
  3. I am spanked by my wife and have been for 49 of 50 years of marriage. It is 50/50 relationship but I am the one who needs the discipline and she carries it out to perfection. The bathbrush or cane are generally used but any implement that is available can be utilised. We always travel with hairbrushes.
  4. Instant strict discipline is essential when required. My wife will cane me from scratch when I need it and I feel that is the correct way to deal with me.
  5. I have been spanked by my wife in many open air areas, generally quite remote but the chance of being seen is always there. Very exciting. She has threatened to spank me in very public areas and the thoughts are highly erotic, but not sure if for real!!
  6. My wife sits me on a hard seat, like the toilet seat, to really feel the effects. Part of the pleasure of spankings are the after effects of discomfort.
  7. My spankings and canings have to be hard and long. There is no point to them unless I am left very sore and well marked, but not to the point of blood. The sensations are amazing and the satisfaction beyond words.
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