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  1. "Good girl, bend over, spread your legs, obey me. NOW."
  2. What's your thoughts on spanking someone with a butt plug in or for EE's - what's your thoughts on being spanked with a butt plug in? Or just general discipline from line writing, corner time, chores, etc ... while plugged? I got a new butt plug - one of those Lovense Remote controlled ones and my fantasies are running rampant. Would love to know others ideas on the idea of plugged punishments. Also, if not playing solo ... do you put your own plug in or does your partner do it??
  3. Just curious to learn a little about how you took your fantasy/curiosity in spanking to reality ... For those who started mainly with online only chatting/self spanking/etc ... what was the turning point for making the switch to reality and finally getting spanked (as an adult) or giving a spanking in real life? How did you meet your first spanker/spankee (as an adult)? How has the fantasy of what you imagined spanking to be like (as an adult) differed from what you actually experienced when it became reality? If you could give any advice to your old self before you experienced your first real (adult) spanking what would it be?
  4. Okay, am I alone in not wanting the aspect of aftercare to be part of a spanking experience/dynamic. I don't know, I feel like everyone says it is important and needed ... BUT I mean is it totally unheard of not to want aftercare? Any thoughts? This is mainly speaking from a spanking dynamic where you are not being spanked by someone you are in an intimate relationship with ...
  5. Why do you have a preference for a female or male spanker? This is mainly referring to non sexual discipline spankings, because obviously if it is someone you are in relationship with, that will influence it. But for those who seek out disciplinarians to administer their spankings, have you had experience with both genders of spankers? How did the experiences compare? Obviously, it's not a hard and fast where all male spankers are like this and all female spankers are like this ... but have you noticed any subtle or not so subtle differences in your experiences? I have typically felt like I have always gravitated towards the idea of a male spanker but as of recently, I have been more open and curious about what it would be like to have a female spanker. I have read in some other posts online that female spankers can actually be "worse" ... if you agree with this, why do you think this is so?
  6. Well got my first ever bath brush today: https://www.amazon.com/Ithyes-Brushing-exfoliating-Circulation-Cellulite/dp/B07ZT8YC3F/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=bath+brush+long+handle+for+shower+ithyes&qid=1580871920&sr=8-3 I don't have enough time to really try it out tonight but I did do a few swats of different intensity just to see what it was like, and wow ... all my other implements are nowhere near on the same scale as this one ... I am pretty sure I might actually develop a love/hate relationship with it rather quickly. Haha!
  7. I have the bamboo back scratcher, actually. I should go to TS for a crop but I feel like I would be mortified walking in to buy just a crop. Haha. I did find my first real wooden/bamboo bath brush on Amazon that I ordered earlier.
  8. Mainly I don't want anything attached to my actual account that could maybe be accidentally seen lol
  9. Hey, so I kind of want to buy some new things to have on hand for self spanking, but looking to order stuff discreetly that wouldn't be totally obvious that it is for spanking ... for bottom and other areas ... any Amazon links for fun things you have found?
  10. I always wonder if this (or getting close to this) will happen to me if I ever get up the nerve to be spanked in real life. I feel like it would be quite embarrassing to have happen with someone I am just meeting to have spank me ... but because of the associations I have with spanking I wouldn't rule it out. But I wonder if it was a true punishment spanking and the first one if it would be totally less arousing than I imagine.
  11. Probably corner time, especially if the ER has a specific way that it has to be done. Plus I just hate corner time. I have only done it directed thus far so I can only imagine how much worse it would be with someone there monitoring me.
  12. What are your thoughts on using ginger root (figging) as part of a punishment spanking? Do you think this is effective or more only for those into the erotic side of spanking? Also, just curious for those who have experienced figging (giving or receiving) how did it feel? Did it only have a physical effect or did it also affect like your headspace and whatnot, if that makes sense?
  13. Me too! I think for me because I don't have a spanker, I am into many other body parts for self spanking because I can get even more leverage than on just my ass. Plus I am into the discipline and I am turned on by spanking.
  14. This sounds very interesting. I don't have a weight loss doctor or anything. Just thinking of being put on a strict diet plan because I always fail with just making lifestyle changes and have an addiction to soda and hate drinking water. Plus I have basically no exercise/active lifestyle so trying to just find something that would actually motivate me.
  15. Has anyone ever used punishments as a motivator to lose weight? How did that work? Particularly in an online dynamic? Were you given a strict diet, did you have to keep a food log? How about exercise? Were you punished for not exercising? Were exercises used for punishment? I really want to lose weight and wondering if this could help. What kind of punishments could be used in conjunction with spanking since I am just a self spanker and that is only a little effective?
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