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  1. TraditionalDadSpankingsForAdultBoys I really like submitting to his discipline. Spanking from an authority figure I trust meets a deep seated need that I don't really understand. I wasn't spanked as a kid but played around with it in college a few times. Having a mentor that I can meet with on a regular basis makes me happy. When I'm over his lap with my slacks and briefs around my ankles, I am totally focused. We've been doing this for awhile now and there's no doubt about who is in control. I have a safe word but rarely have to use it. I am very fond of my mentor and we have
  2. There is a surprising variety of men who make up the growing M/M spanking community. Straight/gay/bi, etc. over 16,000 listings at spankthishookups.com (Free membership, no gimmicks) cornertimeconfidential.wordpress.com(Blog with more than 4 years of posts) https://spankingnaughtyboys.bdsmlr.com/ https://traditionaldadspankingsforadultboys.bdsmlr.com/ https://spankhim.bdsmlr.com/ https://sirspanker.bdsmlr.com/ https://otkspank.bdsmlr.com/ Podcast "dudesspankindudes" has more than 2 years of 1 hour discussions that discuss the surprising variety that make up the growing M/M spanking
  3. Since Tumblr started banning adult content the best alternative for both male and female spanking enthusiasts is bdsmlr.com. It is free,anonymous,and is easy to set up a blog with photos & text. There are dozens of spanking specific sites there.
  4. Dear Trevor A while back I remember stumbling across some videos you had posted on you tube. In a few of them you discussed being an adult boy who benefits from bare bottom spankings. I was pleased to see that you are a member of this site. I hope you are staying safe and playing safe until things are safe. I discovered a blog that you might like at https://traditionaldadspankingsforadultboys.bdsmlr.com/ Bob
  5. That's a very severe spanking. Be careful with bruises or any breaking skin. They can become infected. A very effective spanking can be delivered without leaving bruises. This philosophy is followed by two men in a spanking relationship described ay https://traditionaldadspankingsforadultboys.bdsmlr.com/
  6. I like to administer Over-the-knee spankings for guys over 30. If your from New England visit https://traditionaldadspankingsforadultboys.bdsmlr.com/ Being across an experienced man's lap, waiting to be spanked, on the seat of your pants for an initial warm up, then on your briefs and bare bottom while the spanker is fully clothed, adds a sense of surrender and submission.
  7. TraditionalDadSpankingsForAdultBoys He takes his duty very seriously so I get spanked regularly. I don’t live with him but he seems to know when I come home late after I have been out with friends to the pub, instead of catching up on the work I need to get done. When I come for the weekend I admit that I've been slacking off which will guarantee me a trip over his knee and a memorable spanking. "When you shirk your responsibility, you know I’ll spank your bottom good and hard, young man,” he says in his sternest voice. “You thoroughly deserve it and you know you do.” I do not
  8. Many good spanking fiction books available. Most are written by women but involve MM spankings as well as MF &FM Wild By Nature by Lynn Van Dorn RG Alexander Finn Books Fabian Black "Out of Tune" Bad Boys Need Love Too (Bad Boys Need Love Too #1) by Christa Tomlinson (Goodreads Author) E. M. Denning ("Upstate Education") Lily Morton/ Fyn Alexander/Heidi Cullinane Nicky James/Lynn Hagen/Alexa land/Jamie Ray Cin Forrester/Sean Michael/Nora Phoenix JM Dabney/Brina Brady/Rain Carrington/Kim Dare/J.P. Sayle/ Bey Deckard A.M. Arthur /Chance of t
  9. I'm a retired and experienced spanking switch looking for other mature males who share this interest in MA or RI
  10. Welcome to the world of MM spanking. I'm in MA/RI area. Lots of blogs and resources for this small community
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