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  1. you may have your terms mixed up. the worst moment happens when its over and you return to irrelevance.
  2. Absolutely. As if she was reading from a script, or being coached.
  3. I have seen some of her videos. Not a huge fan of her particular style but thanks for the response !!
  4. Well .. maybe not exactly a spanking from my ACTUAL grandmother (that may be a bit weird), but I have always been intersted in being placed across the lap of a mature (over 60 ) "matronly" female. Can anyone share any actual experiences of this, or links to notable films whihc feature this dynamic?
  5. Yeah I know .. needle in a haystack. I seek to an introduction to a woman with a strong moral conviction. One who understands that I understand that she does not suffer the acts of fools gladly. Fools, especially those who marginalize the teachings of the Church, deserve what they get. If you know someone, Id love to speak with them.
  6. So what is its a sexual turn on? I dont see why thats anything to condemn. Spanking is for many, many, many, people a sexual fetish. Truth is that the proportion of men who visit sites like this far outweighs that of women. Thats why there are so many "looking for female" ads which have zero replies.
  7. No doubt. There is a difference. He abused her, and beat Keifer as well.
  8. Is there an actual Personals section here ? If not, perhaps one can be added? (bonus = searchable by area)
  9. log into Second Life - create an avatar , and play away in a completely immersive online experience!
  10. Yes, but my point of course is that those with strong moral or religious convictions are probably in a higher percentile, hence my interest in "church ladies".
  11. Yes but i dont think virtuous christians are just an equal slice of society. Catholic schools are well known, especially prior to 1980, for their use of corporal punishment , and for a particular generation that has been ingrained as an acceptable response to unruly behavior. I would suggest that there is a good likelihood the woman I shook hands with has at one time or another bared a bottom.
  12. LOL . and why not ? I have to assume there are folks out there that do practice what they preach.
  13. aww yet again not one response .. tap tap tap .. is this thing on?
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